the workshop (TRADIGITAL)

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the workshop (TRADIGITAL)

Author Comments

Hello Jazza! This is my submission to the April 2017 TRADIGITAL art challenge/competition from JazzaStudios.
I know you don't usually submit something made in 3D to a competition of a drawing-YouTube-Channel, but hear me out ... and before I give you four good reasons, why I submitted, let me just get done with the general stuff:
This is a depiction of a modern artists desk with lots of traditional and digital art supplies being scattered all over the table. The intresting thing about this piece is, that it is actually 100% rendered, so everything including the water color painting was created in 3D. Some breakdowns are provided on .
And here are some other "proofs", that this content is mine:
But why did I submit it?
First and most important: This piece is dedicated to my good freind Pia (or Patricia, if you like). She's probably the most skilled and most struggeling 2D-artist, that i know and she is a huge fan of your Channel! So I thohgt it'd be a great suprize, if her birthday present (wich is this artwork) appeared in a competition of her favorite channel.
The second reason is: I think it really fit's the theme. Trying to recreate a traditional painting style such as water color with a digital 3D-software just makes a lot of sence in this context.
And (3rd) it is not forbidden to use 3D in your competition. (I've read the rules like ... 4 times or so).
And last but not least: why not? I am as much of an artist as everyone else competing in this challange. I need technical skills, ambition and a concept to execute it and I just do it mainly in 3D...
(Ps.: can you spot the little jazza, i hid?)
Commercial use is allowed for JazzaStudios in the contect of the April2017 Tradigital Art Challange.
(It's kinda funny, that most entrys forbid commercial use and in theory, you are not allowed to show them on your YouTube-Channel, since this is commercial use...but I doubt anyone will ever complain.^^)


The paper texture need some work, kind of looks like fibreboard, but overall an excellent piece. W'll see if the use of 3d gives you an advantage or disqualifies you

betalars responds:

I probably gave it a little bit too much bump, you're right...thinking of it might be caused by the fact, that the scene initially was lit relatively smooth and the "sharp" sun was added last, so yea ... but thank you for your feedback :)
Ps.: And apperantly it didn't give me any advantage or disqualification, because my entry is in the gallery (, but wasn't mentioned in the showcase, so it seems not to make a difference.
And i mean why shouldt it make one? In the end, I probably just need a little bit less less fine motor skills and a little bit more technical skills. Yes, some things like photorealism are probably easyer done in 3D and require a higher skill level, if done in 2D, but: there are a lot of things, that are waay easyer in 2D, as well and realism isn't a criteria in Jazzas judgement,.
In terms of originality, ambition and execution, it is defenetely comparable to any other entry.
(I might even have a slight disatvantage, because Jazza has less experience with 3D and is therefore probably biased, since it is harder for him to judge the execution...but in the end it does not really matter that much, because competitions are not about winning, they are about having fun ... aaand about having a deadline so you work more effective) :D

Hey! Finally got the time to look at yours!
And I really have to say, it's amazing. It's definetly one of my few favourites.
I saw it and thought: "Well yea okay it looks great and all but where's the digital part?"
...and then I read it :')
As someone who just started 3D modeling this is incredible. (omg just spotted the lil Jazza)

I really think that it fit's the topic too! It actually wouldn't surprise me if you would be one of the top artists!

The picture itself works very well. There's much to see but not too much to kill the art. I really like how you set up the scene with the bigger objects creating that round shape and pens and colors breaking it up a bit. The use of light is very well chosen too. I think it's really well done and hope you at least get into the Showcase video!

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Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2017 | 6:18 PM EDT
3D Art
File Info
1920 x 1080 px
722.1 kb

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