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Big version of the image here: http://marikbentusi.devia ntart.com/art/Crystal-Pun k-354677557

Zombies, pretty much. Zombies that feel alive for the first time. That have peeled away all the morals restraints and fears of society backlash to liberate themselves. That have not only embraced the truth of wanting to feel in charge as a murder hobo adventurer in a (post-) apocalypse, but actually made their dreams come true. And have super powers. Tho I've heard some just sign up for the orgies.
So yeah, zombies.

If anyone wants to look at some foreshadowing for the next part, I recommend reading through "Tiik 2" again and look for sketches about fairies and lost technology in other parts of the series. There's also something of a spoiler here on tumblr (the two chars are just random requests): http://marikbentusi.tumbl r.com/post/43253446820


This has some potential, however there's some problems you have with the way you laid everything out. A good start would be to spread out the text so that it is not just restricted to the left side of the image. Or if you want to keep it to one side, make it so it doesn't look all crowded. You might need to sacrifice some text but it's all for the mother land am I right. Also, a margin around the whole thing would be nice, because when I look at it I feel like there's a portion of the image that was cropped out, and it just makes everything feel awkward.

You did some things really well design-wise. The choice of the fonts worked out well, and the box on the top (titled "Magnet Blood Wars") presented the text in a nice, easy to read way. The box to the left reminded me of a yu-gi-oh card (a good thing), and the whole thing looks inspired off of a yu-gi-oh card or pokymon or something like that. I would've used more of those boxes to contain the text because they make the image look pretty nice design-wise.

Red and black to me is an awesome color combination, and even if the top right image suddenly breaks that, I'll give the color choice some credit. Yes, the drawings may not be that detailed, but you probably could've gotten away with some sort of trading card style if you only kept the quality of the art consistent. The drawing on the top right is kind of out of place with everything else with the colors and the detail. Some sort of border going around everything also would have done the piece justice.

I'm going to give you a decent grade though, because I'm probably just not meant to truly appreciate the fantasy theme or some of the humor in this. I also happen to find maps of different worlds as well as hearing about them and their landmarks to be quite interesting, and you have some of that going on in the top left.

You'll get much better at this if you keep experimenting with the style you have. I hope your series takes off, and that that you post more stuff here. Good stuff of course!

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Bentusi-Paladin responds:

Thanks for your detailed feedback!

- I split text into smaller paragraphs in previous parts, but here I deemed them too coherent to split them. Where do you think I should make cuts and what info is unnecessary/boring?

- I think color palette for most of the pic is more like desaturated purple/red and the big pic comes much closer to red/black (with a slightly warmer background to make it pop out against the rest of the pic). The big pic was supposed to be sketchy to reflect the raw, wild, energetic nature of this specific faction, in other parts the big pics are much cleaner and more refined.

hell ya!!!!!

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