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Bioshock Infinite Retrospect


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Some general thoughts on it here: http://marikbentusi.devia ntart.com/art/Bioshock-In finite-Retrospect-SPOILER S-363332216
Addendum here: http://marikbentusi.devia ntart.com/art/Bioshock-In finite-Addendum-Spoilers-
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Short link if newgrounds f's up the top one too much: fav.me/ d60bgxk


I didn't read it but it looks sick.

that is the best thing ever, you have captured every emotion at each point i felt but with my cursing alot more are being swarmed or running away, and i think every person was like at the end wtf!!! and scrambled to play it again hoping for multiple endings. how could a game give so much joy pain suspense and build you up just to go life's shit the end after you fought so hard for " your" daughter. wonderful game and your art depiction made me relive those moments again and then go AH CRAP! remembering the ending wonderful work

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Great stuff, man. I tried explaining some of this shit to my brother, but he insisted the "ending" was "happy". Happy my aching ass. Millions of souls wiped clear off the cosmic blueprint so that ONE girl can have a second chance at a childhood of being raised by a drunken degenerate bum who is already in a mindset to sell her off to the first scumbag that offers to pay off his gambling debts. I guarantee you the next creep that offers to buy his infant daughter sure as hell isn't going to keep her safe atop a state of the art tower in the sky. At least there she was safe and with the books at her disposal she was able to self educate well beyond what Booker, or the world at that time, could ever hope to offer her. All DeWitt could give her is a second childhood growing up in the turn of the century Bowery during the polio epidemic. The tower was the lesser of two evils by a very large margin in this case. This is all assuming she was in the crib during the epilogue, mind you. They decided to leave that ambiguous too which is even more frustrating.

I can only assume is was artistic choice by the developers to create a world defined by its "infinite" possibilities and then having it all lead, for the first time in the Bioshock series, to the same unavoidable crappy ending. I was not a fan. That said, the game is still amazing. I think next time I play through, I'll get to the point in the infinite outside the lighthouse where Elizabeth asks me, "Are you sure you want to do this?", give her an audible "NOPE!", and just shut the fucking game off. Same level of pointless ambiguity as the original ending, minus the needlessly depressing bullshit that followed.

Rant over. Again, excellent stuff, fella. This was sadly the first time I've come across someone with this same opinion. Somehow I feel Inception is to blame. Yeah, I think I'll go with that.

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Bentusi-Paladin responds:

Yeah, as much as the tower was a golden cage, she looked pretty lively once she got out. Tho seeing how she undergoes quite a change of character once she kills Fitzroy, I think using her powers to wipe out NY would have broken her either way.
But that's the thing, in the "good" ending she wipes out NY as well. Just not for Comstock's vision of a "happy" city but for her vision of 2 "happy" people. Which might end up getting apocalpyse'd anyway by their world's version of Columbia/Rapture.

Genocide tendencies and poor decision making skills must be running in the family.

This game gave me the benefit of the doubt, If you wait past the end game credits Booker wakes up in his office with a baby crying in another room. You can open this room, and then... bam, black screen, no answers for me, only doubts and theories. My best explanation is that Booker was resurrected from being drowned, just as at the beginning of the game during his baptism to get into Calumbia.
This game fucked my mind and twisted my heart, made me want to slap the shit out of Booker during most parts of the game, though still, I feel horrible for this man and his endevers.
5/5 for your reaction and 100/5 for Bioshock Infinite.

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Bentusi-Paladin responds:

Oh yeah, that's the "hints of a happy ending" I was referring to since general consensus is that after the credits we get to see Elizabeth's replacement for everything she's retcon'd, a new timeline in which Booker still has his child and no Comstock to sell it to.
Of course, doesn't change that every universe still needs something like a Columbia or Rapture. So no matter what your new fantastic timeline is, you've still sacrificed a bunch of people for exchanging one evil for another equal one.

I felt really sorry for Booker in the end. I mean the revelations must've been tough on Elizabeth, or that's why I assume she went into what's almost a trance, but I can't even begin to imagine what effect it had on Booker.
In the second before he was drowned I mean.

Uuuh, this game. This game, this game, this game. I loved it at first, but at the end I both loved it and hated it for mindf***ing me. SERIOUSLY, ELIZABETH MADE RAPTURE?! (also, in Bioshock #1, if you listen closely at a certain point in the game [involves a piano.], you can hear the tell-tale scream of Songbird!) Does that mean that Booker is somehow linked to Jack, and maybe Delta? UGH, THIS GAME IS MAKING MY SIMPLE HUMAN BRAIN ACHE! Also, does anyone else find the "lives, lived will live" thing awesome? Technically, everyone in the Bioshock world is immortal! Yay, generic enemies... ANYWAY, lovely retrospect, you get five stars and a cookie. Enjoy

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