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Few sketches for a character without name or purpose.

Turns out coming up with an origin story for the lack of hands that isn't something boring as "faulty explosives" or "genetic defect" isn't as easy as it sounds. Even the current "got the thief's punishment as a child... twice" backstory's not exciting, but at least it gives you some personal insight into the character's life.

Originally he didn't have any magnetic armlets at all since I'm not a particularly big fan of the "superpowered eye behind the eyepatch!!" trope, but if it's something with a major drawback - like actually narratively impactful maintenance (DXHR's Neurpozyne comes to mind) or the inability to fully regain all important functions of the original organ - I'm usually interested again.

Like in this example, the guy can only lift relatively light, magnetic metals and has to get specially crafted lead-acid batteries (which can be a hazard in themselves) from a mysterious dealer who is after whatever the guy's little scrolls contain. So you still have a lot of the interesting challenges that come with his amputation (since the guy can't lift sandwiches with electromagnetism for example), and you also end up with new possible narrative strings like the guy being able to interact with metals and electricity in abnormal ways, the mechanical weakness of the limited and potentially hazardous battery, and the personal weakness of having to rely on his battery supplier.


Name him and give him a purpose. He seems like a stronger experienced man, judging by how he presents himself with his posture.

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