Footpads of Impending Death

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Footpads of Impending Death

Author Comments

This was rendered in Bryce 5; and postworked using Irfanview and the sprite editing system in Game Maker 4.

I also compose original music. My audio submissions can be found at the following web address (just delete the spaces):
http : // benjamintibbetts . newgrounds . com / audio

Thank you for viewing.


Lemme balance out that 0 you got there...

This is really cool. I'm no art critic really, but I like the clouds. Dark, ominous thunderstorm clouds just appeal to me. This art has a unique warm color tone to it; if I could I'd make this a nice wallpaper. i like the art here at newgrounds :)

BenjaminTibbetts responds:

Thanks. :)

Lovely and intriguing!

I love this one! Both low-res and high-res.

In the low-res, it looks like a real storm, an immense force of nature with huge clouds violently writhing in the sky. The ground gives reference with detracting, and offers a calm contrast to the conflict above. The tree is a bit hard to see at first, but you definitely notice it when you stare at the roiling formations long enough. It stands as the observer of this spectacle.

Then, in the high-res, you see that the maelstrom is actually polygons! It gives substance to what should be air, a roof representing the endless sky, and a thing with hard, man-made edges posing as the continuous vorticity of turbulence. The reason the tree isn't visible becomes clear: it's back-lit by the powerful "storm", or Thing, coming at it.

Now for the construction: Kinsei01 seems to think a randomly displaced mess is poo-poo, and I might agree if not for the texture and the coloring over top of it. The depths of the dark colors, the brightness of the light ones, the uneven transitions and deliberate noise superimposed over them, they all suggest a sky-like behavior that cannot at all be represented just by a mesh. The mesh may be the substrate and the vehicle of deliver, and its jagged edges are part of the manifold, but it's really the colors and the churning-heavens feel of it that drive the entire image.

I've given you bad reviews in the past, although nothing so disrespectful as what is below. But seriously, this work is a truly deserving piece of spectacular art. >>hats off<<

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BenjaminTibbetts responds:

Thanks very much. Regarding the sky--I originally thought of using atmospheric effects, as you mentioned, but in the end the render time was too long and the results weren't convincing. I tried a few different things but in the end I created the storm by making a transparent terrain map and placing the camera inside it looking up.

A Render, OK, But Of What?

Oh! there is a tree in the center... um alright....

I'm sorry, I'm just not impressed.
You have this random displaced mesh over the top,, a ground plane, and, a Tree?!
And not a very well lit tree either. No really I didn't even see the tree until I got a look at the high resolution, and even then, still hard to see.

I'm sorry, but this, this is just bad. Even if I was to classify this as some sort of surreal or abstract piece, it doesn't pass a message or meaning along at all.

Light the tree better, even if it was a colored light, it would be better than having people guessing at what the hell is going on.
If you want some meaning to your work then put some sort of meaning or ideal behind it. Cause a name alone does not a meaning make.

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BenjaminTibbetts responds:

OK, thanks for taking the time to review. Honestly I like how this one came out but you're totally entitled to your opinion.

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Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2011 | 2:55 PM EDT
3D Art
File Info
2000 x 1145 px
1.9 mb

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