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Traditional vs CGI


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This is my contribution for the Challange Of The Month for Jazza.

The moment he mentioned traditional vs digital, my inspiration was sparked. I like to combine the two where I can.

With this artwork, it was entirely drawn digitally using iPad Pro and Procreate using an Apple Pencil. When I first tried it at the Apple store, never before had I used a tablet and stylus that actually felt like drawing on paper. There's something about the Procreate app that makes pencil drawings look like real pencil drawings, to the point I now almost exclusively draw using my iPad, and depending on the drawing, you wouldn't know that it's not actually scanned.

I'm a big fan of the Jurassic Park series. The use of practical effects, animatronic puppet dinosaurs, and groundbreaking CGI captured my imagination. The lastest installment went against the grain and used very little traditional puppet dinosaurs, and in my eyes, the CGI didn't have the same organic feel as the first movies. They felt overly animated like the Raptors were cartoon characters rather than real animals.

For this reason, I felt pitting a traditional looking Tyrannosaurus against a clearly robotic Tyrannosaurus would be a fun take on the digital world vs the real world.
The Traditional Tyrannosaurus only has it's skill and my pencil to fight with, but it's very experienced.

The robot Tyrannosaurus, which is also a nod to the animatronic work of Stan Winston has a chainsaw for one arm, and what could be a flame thrower, or machine gun or laser mounted to it's mouth and arm. It may have many fancy tools at it's disposal, but it's still just a machine and susceptible to failure.

The Robot Rex smashes through the digital barrier, infecting the organic real world with it's digital pixilated world, infecting the organic world of the traditional artist.

I also just wanted to use this as an excuse to draw cool dinosaurs fighting :)

Is the pen mightier than the arrow pointer?

Process video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SS2qmumfM3I (also happens to be my youtube channel ;) ;) )


I would be very surprised if this doesn't make it to one of the winning places. Both dinos are executed so well.

Great job, this is my favorite so far! I hope this wins :)

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Apr 21, 2017
7:32 PM EDT
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