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Protected from on high


These little ladies saved my ass more than a few times.

I wanted to do a Zelda piece that was a little different from what I'd seen before, out of all the things that impacted me about Zelda the most unforgettable moments for me involve one last heart and a few well timed sword maneuvers.

Hope you guys like it, lemme know what you think!!

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This piece struck me, it's so real and takes an approach I have never seen before.

It truly shines when you think back to days when you were down on hearts yet you had to continue your journey. You had to save Hyrule. The depth of dependency is present in that very jar, it's a beacon of hope when all seemed lost. I love it.

~ Lypton


There is a feel to this that I wish I could achieve in my own work. This is simply wonderful in giving the feel of a long hard battle. You have done well in delivering a setting and story in one image.

If there is any one thing I have to call you on it's some perspective, but only on one part. Link's right leg, the one on the ground, is off. it seems short and stubby. I know that you were attempting some forshortning, but I think you missed just a tad. I think you could have gotten away with it if you would have had the knee a bit larger and a bit more to the right.

Still a solid piece


I always hated it when you would go to catch a lone fairy, and you would walk into it instead...with FULL hearts ALREADY!

~Now for the piece itself~

How to describe this art? BADASS! The lighting gives the piece that feel as if this could be the end, but the fairy shining in the bottle gives hope to Link. Awesome piece.


I like the position of the character with a well defined and full of detail and even has a neutral scenario may feel a strong tension in the environment.

You can do it Link!!!!!!

If a movie was ever going to be made of zelda this seen would be in it.... I have noticed in each of your interpretations that in the faces of the hero holds a true representaion of exactly what you are trying to show that has or is happening in the moment.... a battle warn link sits down after who knows how many foes lie around him befallen to his sword, what could such a moment feel like? Mortally wounded what could possibly be going threw his mind? and so he stares at an old friend hopeing that she will forgive then heal him undestanding why...... he put her in a bottle with a bee catching net!

if you guys never wondered just cause it was a game and all what we possibly could be doing to these charicters even tho we know its just a game, ths is a wonderful depliction to bring a reality to what we so took such a small thought into....i mean why would we.. there is always a continue option or a save point. How many times i let mega man fall off a cliff or hit some spikes sends chills down my spine.

keep up the wonderful memories and the thought pravocking creations. I litterally can not wait to see whats next.

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1.78 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2010
12:31 AM EST
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2160 x 1620 px
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