Storm Duel


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This is an entery for a contest I participated in on DA.

I tried to focus on dynamics and motion on this one. I think I did it, i'm happy with the result. Only her left arm bugs me... it looks too short now that I look at it :(

Enjoy! :D


Wow, quite the scene. I can feel the heaviness of the atmosphere, the rain, the wind and smell the sea. The struggle the two combatants face with such proximity to the shore- especially on a raised ledge- raises the stakes they face, especially for the woman. Should she win, the others present still present a danger- they create the nice feeling of grim death ready to pounce.

A few improvements I would list would be: A slight increase in the sea-spray, and just a little more fogginess- to make it slightly more hazy and dark. There also should be an arc or two of lightning to further increase the sense of danger already present. There should be a bit of a sense of the hill sliding down in terms of some run-off.

Still, there's a nice sense of this battle.

I like all the action, and the things that are going on in the picture. The things that are happening, the motion, the wind, and the water. The image however is rather foggy to me, and lacks conrtast, and becomes very blurry. Maybe this was sort of the effect you where looking for, but in that case i think you overdid it a bit.
i like the feeling of emotion, especially in the mans face, where he bites his teeth together. Thats an emotional expression that makes me like the image very much, even if the girls face are a little missformed. I would recomend working with more pixels maybe.

The capes ave very beautifully made, and the character poses are well thought though. Good work!

I prefer coming on Newgrounds now for art, mostly because I feel less bombarded when I'm looking through it all. I feel more assaulted by art in all levels when I'm on DA, and I'm not entirely sure why.

I have to say that the art is quite good, the character design seems to be very well rounded, and the light and dark in the picture directs my view quite well.

However, I've noticed just a few things you might consider working on int he future:

The main thing that takes me is the amount of energy in the picture, though generally I do enjoy a very energetic picture, this one seems to have a clutter effect. Perhaps in the future avoid adding so much to an image, and try to focus the viewers attention a tad more.

Your use of color, though realistic and quite fitting for the image, doesn't help guide my view very much. It feels more like I'm to dart about the image, and finally focus on the main character in the end. Use more vibrant and eye pleasing colors on places you want your audience to focus on, which it appears you did with the cape of the female character, though you might make it brighter.
What was that saying, a match in pitch black is as bright as day, or something like that.

Remember your rain and light direction should generally be the same for all characters, unless there are two light sources, or two sources of rain. My reason for brining that up is the soldier on the far left side. It seems as though light appears to be coming from beneath him. I understand the effect you were going for, but perhaps doing so more subtly would be more appropriate.

In all, this is quite good. I've looked at some of your other art, and am excited to see more from you. Though some of your anatomy may need some work, generally your creations are quite interesting. Please do keep up the fantastic work.

BagamCadet responds:

Thanks for the tips!
And yes, newgrounds does seem to put more emphasise on accepting actual art and not some 5 minute MS paint mouse scribbles.
This also makes you feel more watched. I think I made more fans (watchers) here in a month than what I did on DA in a year. I'm pretty sure that it has something to do with uploads staying on the first page for more than 5 seconds.

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Dec 13, 2012
2:37 PM EST
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