Lobbyist of Cthulhu


I have been working on this piece for a few weeks and finally finished it up. Honestly I'm quite content with it and hope to be moving on to another project idea in waiting.

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Well, this is astounding. The VERY first thing that popped in my head was holy shit this has to be from something of Lovecrafts, looks amazing man. Pretty much, copy and paste what Coop83 said here, and those are my feelings. You are AMAZING, and this is the best thing i have seen on this site! Keep it up, please.

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen...

...I present Narlethotep.

The imagery is there, some sort of unreal butler introducing some of the more grotesque creations of H.P. Lovecraft to some sort of evil cultist ball. Perfect. I love the way that you've put the detail into the background, with the swirling portal and the bricked floor, which does look around the time set of the traditional Call of Cthulhu setting.

I think that while the ruff might look slightly out of place, I think that you are certainly onto a winner here - is this piece inspired by Doctor Who as well as the Lovecraft masterpieces? There is much detail here, from the stitching of the shoes and the folds of the ruff. I love the way that you've developed it, though I would certainly love to see more of the characters from this scene, as you've painted a small part of the picture, so perhaps you need to paint more of one.

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First and foremost...wow. The detailing in this is utterly insane...in the good way. Especially in the upper arm of the jacket, the trousers and shoes in general, it all looks incredibly realistic...for what seems to be an alien guy reading a book in front of an impressionist's night sky.

That being said, the connection between the jacket and the trousers is a little off-kelter, though I can't quite put my finger on why. They just feel a little unrelated from one another somehow. That asides though, the art on both parts is fantastic.

The background is really nicely done; it's interesting, but in no way overpowers the character in the foreground. The background does feel very impressionistic, with the mixes of the more natural blues with the more interesting creams and semi-yellow colours that makes it pretty artistic in itself.

I think my major problem with this would probably be the head of the 'lobbyist' itself. It's very stark and captures the attention of the viewer straight away, but it seems a little too bright and a little too sharp for its surroundings, which are a little more toned-down and melancholy. And for that, it's a little distracting. I think it's not even the head itself, but perhaps the outline of it, especially the brightness of the top of the head and the eyes. The bottom half is nicely shaded, and the tentacles fit pretty perfectly (Though I'm not sure whether they're solidly in that smooth curve or whether they're meant to be draping onto the collar like the leftmost one).

As Fro touched on, there's a seemingly random white bit to the hand just as it comes out of the cuff, and the hand's grip of the book in general seems a little forced. The detailing of the book though, is pretty stunning.

Holistically, this is a fantastic piece of art. There's a few things that don't hold their correlation to everything else so well, but the detailings more than make up for that.

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One thing sticks out to me in this picture and it's how white his head is and the white objects around him. Those parts stick out so much that they kind of take away from the rest of the picture. Perhaps making it more of a gray would improve the look of this picture a lot.

I really enjoyed the detail put into this though. The shoes and pants almost look like they've been taken from a picture they are so good. The upper part of the coat looks very realistic as well, but I think that the part between the upper coat and the pants needs a little bit of work in terms of blending. This part doesn't look as real in my opinion.

There is a part right beneath his hand that I can't quite figure out. There is a white spot that just doesn't fit there at all. Other than these few faults I wouldn't have minded seeing a more developed shadow beneath the character.

The background, colors, and picture as a whole are very good. Good job and keep up the work.

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Nice, man, I don't know what to say... It is realistic, psychodelic and kind of futuristic at the same time!! The creature kind of remembers me of some games I used to play, like Resident Evil, it remembers me of some magic and weird creatures...

The art graphics are really nice, I love your style of drawing, I think is super nice, all of them are so realistic and well-made, you really know how to make fine art... You keep upgrading your skills, every job is better and better, that's why I love your drawings...

You can make even more things, man, I know you can improve your skills even more!! Keep it up man!!

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Feb 21, 2010
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