Room 1


Just random 3D art, this one i call Room 1

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Needs tidying

Well, if you're going to show this off as "art", you need to justify it - populate the room, put furniture in there, perhaps people and something that we could look upon as a spark of life.

I look at this piece and, because there's little else to see, I spot issues with detail - your lines aren't cleaned at the ends - some of them run over into the next area, after the intersection, where it should finish. This is a real downer for the piece, as it was boring already, but now it's boring and messy.

Sharpen up the lines, add some life and some detail, you should be able to get better with it.

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Sadly this one seems to be a bit dull really. It kind of looks like something doable in MS paint sadly. Not saying it is not 3D but it just seems boring. I guess you could have added a photo to the walls. The door looks nice though. Guess the only other thing that could have been done here is possibly adding some shading to it I think.

Overall, just add some shading.

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Great background!

Now bring it to life!

This is a basic drawing of a room, with a door; The walls are gray, and there are no windows. I would give this a higher score, but without anything else happening in this picture... there isn't really much to say. even the lines are choppy, and run over on the floor and ceiling.

Add some stuff...
but seriously liven this piece up a bit; as it stands...
this is not portal material :[

~Dj Sonik

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Grey room

Well, not much to say here. It's a room, mostly grey with a wooden door in the center.

Some of the lines need some work, though. I notice that in the wall with the door, the bottom left corner doesn't really fit together. Also, one of the lines from the "alcove" like thin in the right wall is too long. To avoid this it's best to zoom into to the picture. This gives you better control over what you are doing and you can easily edit out any lines that aren't quite right.

Also, speaking of the alcoves: On the top it looks as if there's a small niche, as the line on the ceiling isn't continuous and there's an additional line that gives the impression of the alcove.
However, on the bottom the line IS continuous and there's no additional line present that could give us the impression of an alcove. So, the perspective is really off here.

There really isn't too much in the picture, so I'm afraid I can't give you a higher score.

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Well, It's Certainly Grey...And Slightly Brown...

What more can I say?

The 3D effect is nothing special. There's no texture on the walls, floor, ceiling or door. The quality is poor. It's plain and boring.

you need to think about adding other elements to the room itself. Windows, furniture, anything would be better than just having a plain grey room.
Also, think about putting some more detail into, well, everything. There could be cracks in the walls or floor, stains here and there, more definition on the door itself. Even a leaky pipe running from the ceiling would help to make it somewhat more interesting.

You've got to try harder next time.

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Sep 18, 2011
2:00 AM EDT
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