My First Flash Art Drawing


This is my first Flash art picture. I think I did a good job, I didn't shade on the face, I had a hard time with that. It is not finished.

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it's neck sticks too far out like an autistic faggot.

ashett responds:

o damn

A great start!

First off, I like it. Especially for a first attempt.
But like any novice try at art, it's got flaws. The hair, It's quite good, nice attention to detail, the chunks of hair around the cranium are great, but the bangs are too over-done, but I can see how you could've been stumped there, without the added detail, it'd look plain, and out of shape. Instead of so much detail within the bangs, perhaps try using a smaller brush, and make them finer, and to get rid of the weird empty space, why not throw in something along the lines of a tiara, or a headband?

The facial structure: This, I'm VERY impressed with. They eyes are awesome, but you could've certainly dropped the far sides down just a touch, and the left eyebrow is just a teeny bit too high. As far as the nose goes, just trip the top line, and extend the nostril line.

Besides that, widen the neck, and add more height to the top of the head, this is probably why it looks so two-dimensional and flat. And finally, add some more detail, perhaps more skin color? Accessories? Action?

I'm most certainly impressed. It's an amazing start, to say the least.
Don't listen to all the dramatic overkill reviews telling you to do this, or that, I think you're well on the track to becoming a very talented artist.

My suggestions?
1) Drop Flash. I've done art with flash for a long time, and it's SHIT. Go get Photoshop, you'll feel a whole lot less held-back.
2) Make storylienz! Give your character a reason why he/she has this/that, some insight into your perceptions of the unique character.
3) Detail. Feels a little plain, could definitely use an artist's touch. But don't overdo it, focus on anatomy well before detail.
4) More! MORE! MORE! I'd love to see more entries, actually, I EXPECT more entries. Practice, practice, practice!

So, all in all, I practically love it, and wanna see more.
PM me if you want more insight, advice, and whatnot.
Your pimp ballin' gangsta thug friend


but, for the first time on my life, im agreed with zero about the detail, but seriously WTF?? is that a reason to give a 0??, also, not bad for ur first pic, good job!

what are the ppl below me talkin bout? :o

this is reall good especially for flash! i like the shading on it keep it up!

Standard 14 year old.

But I don't like your attitude of excusing yourself. Finish it or just don't bother uploading it, or tell me its your first. But don't take it to heart.

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Jan 23, 2011
1:33 PM EST
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