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It is the face of a green alien.


Weird Face

But it's looks cool :D nice work!

Asandir responds:

Thank you :)

weird model

haha, It really is weird, but I think its funny ^^
well many points needs fixing, it seems u didnt worked much in that... :/
give it another try... example the ears or the nose....it really is weird : (

Asandir responds:

Well, I pretty much agree with you. Thanks for the review!

I agree

With bilalz. Even though it is supposed to be an alien, nobody has ever defined what an alien looks like, so there's no right for you to go and make an alien and state it looks bad because it's supposed to.
Plus, the chin -- what is that!? -- there are two chins, side by side? wha-?
The nose....it looks wonky and out of shape, not to mention too sharp. In contrast, human noses are slightly blurred and less flattened.

I know this review will be rated as useless. It's just the way things will go.

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Asandir responds:

Oh snap! I voted it useful ;)

Clay model

I'm going to try to be thorough. I think the antennae set the bar: they are well modeled and they look smooth and organic, as if a real creature would have this exact structure. The overall head shape as well is good.

The real problem is the extrusions and intrusions. It looks (to me) like you made the head, and then "sculpted" the ear features, the mouth, the eyes and the nose. This method is very messy, as you can see the ear-channel is not straight or smooth, but "noisy" if you will. The mouth has that problem, too, and the nose has a lot of discontinuities. Honestly, most of these problem can easily be solved by "smoothing" all the features that you sculpted.

I'll compare this to making a model with clay. The head and antennae look like you spent time and effort on their shape, but the other features look like you sort of mashed pieces of clay onto the head to make it look recognizable. If this is the style you were going for, I'm okay with that, but then you should make the antennae and the chin also look "noisy".

And that line down the middle? That's a "normals" problem: the faces are "pointing" in opposite directions, so the smoother doesn't really know what to do in the middle.

Asandir responds:

Well, the whole program that I used for it, works indeed like building something with clay, I guess I will use the smooth function more in the future.
Thank you for your constructive review :)

Review? Oh yeah.

Ok, To begin with the ears look pretty funky. Maybe you should make the middle part go in instead of out and color it black to make it look natural. Also there is that little white line through the face. And the mouth looks funky, too maybe it would look better if it was a closed mouth also a cylinder with a dome on top could of looked better on the antennae like things. I'm just saying these things because this looks like a alien face based off a humans. Overall it looks pretty nice.

Asandir responds:

Thank you, I agree with the things you said about it.

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Jun 4, 2011
11:51 AM EDT
3D Art
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