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My daily comute to and from work varies from 30 mintes to two hours on any given, so I usually have allot of time to just sit around.

One would thing this would give me ample time to draw and be creative, but since I mostly ride the train, I never seem to get around to it.

I think it's the combination of a bumpy ride combined with the fact that IU love sitting by the window listening to musc and watching the world fly by, that makes drawing a chore.

Still, there are days like yesterday, where I broke my "no drawing" rule.

I sat next to a family of three (two kids and a mother). The mother had chosen to spread the belongings of this entire family all over the table we shares, to the point that I did not even have room for my hat. Honestly, I was kind of annoyed with her, but because I had to sit there for two and a half hours I didn't say anything.

About 1 hour into the trip, the daughter, who I sat next to, Decided to further clutter the table, by bringing out her art supplies.

It's not like she was painting in the middle of the train car, it was only a block and a couple of markers, but as she drew I decided to take up the chalenge and duplicate her drawing.

She would draw something and I would draw the same thing, but in my style.

This game became kind of fun as she would keep up switching the drawing up and I would be forced to redraw and re-think decisions I had made.

She didn't notice me at first, which was the most fun. eventually though, she realized what I was doing, got self-conscious and stopped.

Luckily at that time I had plenty of material to work from, so I spend the rest of the trip drawing.

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May 9, 2013
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