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Here is my entry for the April COTM: TRADIGITAL contest

The subject was to create a blending and/or contrast of digital and traditional. It's not a subject matter I would normally paint, but I enjoyed working with the blue's and greens. The water was meant to represent a digital sea, and the sky is the traditional world. The two figures base colors are alternated yellows and browns to show that they are similar, yet completely different. The beam is representative of the line between the two being assaulted.

Line Drawing

Color Sketch

Edit 4/17/2017: Made some changes to the anatomy, and brought in some more contrast. Also added some more detail to flesh the scene out better.


I think you did very well for painting something you wouldn't normally paint. I feel like this is a nice improvement over some of your other drawings, too! The main thing I wanted to give some advice on is to watch your anatomy, you've lost the neck entirely on the blonde woman's body. Form your line drawing I can see that you originally drew the shoulder there, but it didn't translate well in the end. Keep in mind that the shoulders are really the top of the body, aside from the neck and you're not going to really have that excess above them going towards the head.
I think the problem also arises from an incorrectly placed shoulder as well. What I'm about to say is a very important piece of advice: try and make the gestures and positions you're drawing with your own body, and if it's painful to contort that way, keep that in mind when you're drawing your gestures. If you were to draw a box in perspective around the blonde woman's hips, and then to draw another one around her chest and back, you would find that she's been twisted at an unrealistic angle. This goes for the feet and legs as well.
I find the color scheme to be quite pleasing and I enjoy the symbolism you've injected it with. What I would have loved to see was a greater use of value in this picture, darker dark values, namely. A good tip is to put your picture under a black and white filter and see if the picture has a good balance. I can see already from what you've done that you've made the two people the darkest ones, but I'd like to see that taken to a heightened level.

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Artist-Lost responds:

Thank you for the well thought out critique. I don't often receive these outside of a school environment so I definitely appreciate it. I fixed some of the anatomy issues you brought up as well as fleshed out the painting a bit more with some new forms and boosts to contrast. I'm liking the values a lot more and the scene flows better now, thank you again!

This is for sure the best one I have seen thus far. It gets the idea across, it's beautiful, it's clean, and it makes you think. I love it.

oh my goodness, this is fantastic, i love the beam of light in the background good touch

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Apr 12, 2017
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