Stomping Through Hell


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Decided to upload the image I've used for my picture, since I like it so much.

Okay so, for starters, I'm a huge fan of Doom and have been for years since I first saw my dad play it as a kid, so Doom has always held a special place in my heart.So I decided to draw her in Doomguy armor. Granted it's not exact, because I kinda melded the look of Crash from Quake 3 and the classic Doomguy. Of course she's holding my favorite weapon, the classic Super Shotgun. And I've also added my own artistic liberties. Also I love Crash's big demon stomping boots. I still can't believe I did the armor dings and textures by hand blah x_x

I also decided to put some effort into a sort of background. I was going to add more objects and lighted things but honestly, I just kinda got tired of it after a while, but honestly this is better than I've done before. I figure if I keep doing a bit more backgrounds in my pictures, I'll get better at backgrounds.

Work done in openCanvas 4.5+ and Photoshop CS2


i like what you did here

aside from the proportions, I like this piece pretty much :).

Some critique I hope helps:

1) her left arm is...err it doesn't really make sense to me. from the elbow onwards it's a little hard to tell the anatomy, but perhaps its just the overall proportioning you did, leading to my 2nd point...

2) overall proportions are a little stumpy? she's wider in some areas (thighs) but slim as hell in other areas (arms). And she seems a little short and dwarfy.

Unless that's your art style, then okay. or if she's a kid I suppose.

Little girls with those abs scare the heck out of me though.

Armaina responds:

well I was trying to go for a look that was more overhead rather than level, it was hard to pull off the right look with the huge boots Crash normally has so I don't think the perspective translates well, despite the high horizon line. Though I definately need to work on different kinds of perspective which is what this was. Ah well, learn and move on!

8 for the overal pic + 1 for the amazing details

I also can't believe you did the armor dings and textures by hand!

BTW, is the shotgun loaded? I see a incidental firing accident waiting to happen.. :-)

Armaina responds:

haha honestly, I can't believe I did it either x_x took a while but I'm pleased with the result. Heh her shotgun isn't loaded but her finger isn't on the trigger anyway.

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Jan 14, 2010
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