Black Knight


General Black, Leader of the Vanguard Army.
A mysterious man with mysterious goals.

His design was inspired to be a cross between a samurai and a knight. Can't decide which side he is more on, probably the knight. But also not at the same time, since very little of his armor is made of metal.

For he incorporates ballistic padding for the majority of his armor, to help defend against both bullets and swords, though he must be careful about heavy weaponry like hammers and great-swords, but they aren't a weakness for him that much due to his speed and abilities to counter such weaponry with ease. His weakness is mainly arrows, piercing bullets, and daggers, as they can pierce his armor with ease due to his armor not being able to defend against the stabbing. He also is not very good against magical attacks, but to which, he can counter with his own arsenal of attacks.

For offensive capabilities, his style is mainly to counter enemy attacks, and punish opponents who get distracted in combat. He also focuses on disarming opponents, then rendering them unable to continue fighting by causing traumatic damage to an arm or leg. He is also capable of using dark magic, turning raw emotion into strength, though he uses it sparingly, as he can't use much magic before it exhausts him. For abilities, he can use advanced skills, black techniques, and dark artes. It is also rumored that he carries a secret weapon with him, but it is not known if he uses it, or if anyone has survived an encounter with him using it.

Besides that, he prefers to create fear in his enemies to get them to halt in actions, preventing them from thinking rationally, so he can take them down with ease. Due to his abilities in combat, and his cunning tactics, he is quite the formidable foe to face.

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