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"She was like a beautiful flower. White skin, blue eyes, colorful hair...almost like a soft rainbow. she looked at me with her big eyes, with a serious expression, and yet so relaxing... I couldn't hold myself. from falling in love..."
A little Portrait commish: "portrait of my youth love, as described".
Hope you like it!

♣ Tools: Photoshop CS2.
♣ Please do not use.
by Archil.


head....Too kawaii......Boobs.....Too kawaii......Hair......Too kawaii....IT'S TOO FUCKING KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!

Archil responds:

thank you? XD

the only physical thing than i like in a girl is the eyes, specially the face, this girl is soooo beautiful and her eyes is so amazing than i dont know how to explain it.
Amazing work over here, the only thing i can do is place this picture on my favorites :).

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Archil responds:

I'm very glad you like it! thank you so much for the lovely comment! <3

On the plus side, I think you have some great colouring skills, the eyes are well handled and the lighting is beautiful. That hair is so yummy.
The proportions are a bit off/confusing. if you intended it this way because you're going for something like a chibi style, then you are mixing too many elements together for that to work effectively (proportion issues, large breasts, etc), and if you're going for something more realistic the same things apply. I guess what I mean is that the combination of elements are a bit confusing. Overall it's well done though, so keep it up :)

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Archil responds:

I'll keep that in mind, thank you very much for your feedback!

First off, I think the strongest thing about this piece is the way you drew the hair. It flows very nicely.
However I think you need to work on your proportions. The head is much too big for the body, the shoulders look tiny. I think anatomy wise what you should have done is made the head smaller and moved the shoulder position, it does not look right where it is.
The boob also does not look like a boob? I think the main problem again is proportion since it is too far up, but the shape is too... blobby? It's hard to describe in writing but, pretty much what you have drawn is
> curve > nipple > continuing on the curve
when it should be
> slope > nipple >curve
If that makes sense...
Like I said, the hair is well drawn, and your colouring isn't bad either, but I think you should reconsider your colour palette. I don't think greens and hot pinks work well as streaks (unless it is dyed hair and that's intentional? if so then ignore that comment).
Another thing (and I've noticed this in your other works) - don't use premade photoshop brushes!! I noticed you did this with your trees. It does not look good, if I'm going to be frank it makes it look very cheap. Look up some tutorials on how to paint trees, it will look a LOT better and be better for you in the long run.
Something I really like however is you have nice attention to detail. I especially like she shadows from the falling petals on the girl. I don't think it adds too much to the picture overall but once you notice it, it is a nice and subtle touch.
Anyway, good job, keep it up! (:

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Archil responds:

The hair supposed to be colorful. But it's my bad, if people can't see it clearly... ^^"
and: I AM NOT GOOD WITH BACKGROUNDS! I can do NOTHING to change it! *sob sob*
however, your comment is really means a lot to me. I read it all and I'll do my best to get better every-time (except for the background! I don't think any tutorial can help me to with it X_X)
Thank you very much! <3

Amazing eyes and hair.

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Archil responds:

Thank you very much!

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