The Curse Of The Grim Reaper's Axe


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this is my first entry to any of the challenges of the month! i have been doing art for 4 months now! and i'm still pushing myself! also here is a link to my mid development wip: https://www.instagram.com/p/BO91xlVAit0/?taken-by=angie.apple.eater
story: Every 100 years, 3 weapons are sent out to end up in the hands of three new unsuspecting "midlanders" (those who are in neither heaven or hell), once they have ended up with the midlanders, they absorb the soul and transform them into grim reapers unless no sinful deed has been made, then they transform into a reaper of the light, who only captures the souls of the loved and kind hearted and they transform into a being who best suits their weapon.
Once an axe of gold, an axe more powerful than any sent out. This axe was different, not only in power. It seeks out its new owner, one with a pure heart but a strong mind. Its one intent s to transform their midlander into a warrior who is willing to fight anyone who happens to get in their way.
Bliss was chosen. She had a small family who were struggling to live, she was with her little brother and her mother. In order to prevent any feelings of love to others, she was forced by the axe, to take the souls of all who she knew and ever loved. It destroyed her, but she was forced to fight on.
Battles were fought, lives were lost. Bliss was nicknamed the ribboned warrior of gold, due to her gold exterior and as she was rapped in red ribbons, one for every life she took made out of the blood of her enemies.

What she didn't know, is that she was only re-living the journey of the axe. A curse never lived before that lasts an eternity.


I like your character and how you managed to give her features similar to the axe to establish a bond and a relation with them two.

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AngieApple responds:

glad you like it! :3

As interesting a background story as the character herself! Nice detail with the electrode blue, and the skill in the moon.Definitely not what you'd picture when you picture a 'grim reaper'. Intriguing tale.


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AngieApple responds:

ah yes! but the reason why she doesn't seem dark and deadly like a normal reaper, is that she is "a reaper of the light" so she was transformed into a being that best suited her weapon, an ordinary grim reaper would be dark and sinister, i made her more powerful as due to their transformation the reapers of light are more powerful :3 thanks for the criticism and glad you liked the tail! i had to work hard to make it seem possible to move :3

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