Lachrymose Nocturne

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Lachrymose Nocturne

Author Comments

An emotional picture of one of my female OC's. Surprisingly there wasn't any inspiration to this.



love this .............LOVE,
keep em comin pls.

Not bad

Background and overall mood set by the piece is pretty good. Character in the foreground could use some work though. Looks a little amateur. Keep at it though.

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AnDrew19787 responds:

Thank you! I am working on it. :)


nice piece of art

A lot of oddities...

May I ask how you made the background and forgeround? I'd have to say they don't mix well with the girl you're portraying in the said picture. Aside from that I also eye a few mistakes:

1. Firstly, the shading looks quite odd. I see no solid ones, it's all a blur. And we all know blurring is bad when it comes to shading. Try to use more solid shades so the picture will looks more refined and realistic. Try to make it a crisp so the viewer will have no trouble identifying how the shades work on your drawing.

2. Secondly, the folds on the clothes look very static. They look very strange. Try studying how fabric or clothing behave when put into these circumstances. How would a shirt fold if a gust of wind blows by? And also the scarf looks very static. Try to put in a bit more action.

3. Thirdly, the anatomy. It looks very disproportionate. I see her right looks weird. The upper part should be thicker than the lower part. Her breasts also look very odd. Plus the perspective you were trying to achieve doesn't seem to work.

4. Lastly, her hair looks like it doesn't have any bit of life on it. It looks almost barren. The strands look unrealistic. And her tears are don't look like tears at all. More like snow.

Other tips:
When you make a picture, make sure your background matches. It looks like you just pasted the background and then call it done. Try to paint your backgrounds.

What do you mean by inspiration anyway? Was it a reference? To be completely honest with you it looks traced. :P

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AnDrew19787 responds:

Thanks for the review! I appreciate your thoughts and critiques.

First things first, I only started learning how to draw ANYTHING over 2 years ago and I've only learned through self-teaching and tutorials. No art or drawing classes whatsoever. I'm trying to learn as best as I can about everything but it is a bit difficult.

Next thing, a lot of things you mentioned happen to conflict with my drawing/colouring style and the character itself. I'm not trying to go for 100% realism, its actually supposed to be a stylized look. I'll point things out to make my point:
-Her scarf is no ordinary scarf, but even so I understand I should pay attention to how it flows.
-Depending on the material, clothing may not even fold in the wind. Her shirt is rather heavy, almost like a kind of armor but not intended to protect her.
-Her light blue hair strands are unusual in themselves, but I won't get into that.
-I was aiming for a nightly scene with a bit of a magical touch to it. Glowing tears add that touch.
-Now that I see it closer, I can see what you mean by perspective. It wasn't intended to be from the grass; the grass was just supposed to be kinda tall, so my fault on that.
-As for the background, it was EXACTLY what I was wanting it to be. Something like on the edge of a forest at night. I DID give it some thought beforehand and I DID paint the background and foreground. However the trees and grass were Photoshop brushes so next time I will paint my own.
-Final thought, many of my drawings were inspired by others though not copied in the slightest. This one was done without any kind of influence. Done completely from scratch with no reference to see how far I've come. It took a while to do too, not like something I just randomly threw together and call it art like you assumed.

However, you gave me a lot to think about. I'm still studying anatomy, shading, interactive dynamics like wind, and backgrounds which are my weakest point. Thank you for being honest though, its a bit rare to find decent reviews for me these days.



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Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2011 | 8:43 PM EST
File Info
2000 x 2000 px
4.4 mb

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