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You are color...


I havent entered the COTM in a while. Hope you guys like my entry. Good luck everyone!

WIP: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/andresdres93/wip-colo-rof-loss

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Honestly I really enjoy this piece. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who went the lineless route. I'm not abnormal anymore! Yay! xD

That said, 2 things that are making this piece not a 5 stars for me. 1st: it is your ghost. I get what you're trying to do. I really do. I tried doing it this way too but I found that I couldn't get her read well. If not for the fact that I know there is supposed to a ghost floating in the scene I wouldn't even notice her in your work. She blends in too much to your background. Your WIP has this effect working better because the background is darker and she is lighter. It works albeit it's slight.

2nd: there's this random arrow like artifact in the bottom right of the piece that just makes me think "did you just not finish?"

Overall I really like this. You were bold enough to take a route I turned away from. I commend you good sir! Good luck!

AndresDres93 responds:

Hey! Thank you very much for your review! I get what you are saying about the ghost and I think it is a pretty valid criticism and I will take it into consideration for future pieces. The arrow like thingy on the bottom right is actually my personal logo :D
Thanks again for your review, man! Btw, I saw your entry a while ago and it's pretty amazing. Good luck to you too :D

I love the direction you went with this and using soft lines rather than the original line art really makes the piece. At first I didn't notice the rainbow effect on the ghost until I saw the other comments and looked closer, I think it looks good but it may be a little too subtle. I love the aesthetic as it looks all dusty making the city look like it's far away and really brings out the characters. One more thing though, I think the lighting through the bullet holes in the sheet of metal should have been thinner/tighter as it looks as though the light is larger than the holes (I hope that makes sense). Other wise, great work.

AndresDres93 responds:

Hey! Thank you very much for your review :D You know, this piece was actually really tricky. I actually wanted a lot of crazy colors to shine on (and through) the ghost but I thought that adding so much color would probably take away from the desaturated sad aesthetic I was going for. About the bullet holes and the light, I think you are right! I will be more carefull in the future :D Thanks again for your review :)

WOAH! I love how you played with the lights and darks of the piece. It really gives a feeling of despair. I'm not quite sure about the bit of orange light on the ghost. but maybe I don't understand how light works. Yeah that's probably it.

AndresDres93 responds:

Hi! Thanks for your review :D About the colors; I wanted to make a different kind of ghost. I felt like ghosts are usually depicted as if they were made out of gas or something. I wanted my ghost to be made out of some kind of glassy reflective material. You've probably seen the way white light separates when going through a prism. I used that same principle and applied it to the ghost. Thats why there is a kind of a rainbow pattern of light shinning on the ghost :D I really hope that makes sense, I am still improving my english :D

WOW, probably my favorite one yet. Just wow. You put so much attention into the 'little' things like the texture in the hills, the smoke from the distant building, the subtle colors reflecting on the ghost, and of course the genius addition of the candle that we know is there, but can't actually see. Really, really awesome job. I hope you do super well in the contest. ;)

AndresDres93 responds:

Thank you for your kind review!! I really appreciate it! :D

I love this so much. How did you get such smooth blending with your shadows? I am new to digital art and I have been trying to figure out how to blend my shading. It is difficult to do when you're use to traditional. XD

AndresDres93 responds:

Hi! Thank you so much! About your question; I'm assuming that you are using some kind digital drawing tablet, if so, make sure you have control on the pressure you apply to it. I dont really do anything fancy with my opacity and flow settings in Photoshop. Most of the time I keep them at 100%. Why? Because the tablet has more than 2000 points of sensitivity which will help me blend colors.

As to how I blend colors I think its rather simple. Take color A. Then, with a soft edge brush, paint over color B. Then, take color B and paint over color A (this is basically the same way you would do it traditionally!). Also, always take into consideration your light source and what kind of material you are shading. Hard directional lights will cast hard shadows that will not need a lot of blending while soft point lights will need a lot of blending. I hope that helped! If you have any other questions send me a DM :)

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4.74 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2018
1:09 AM EST
File Info
3550 x 2500 px
6.1 MB

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