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Series #249 | Struggle
January 2013
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Wow, I really do enjoy this submission. I honestly can't even find anything wrong about it, I really like this a lot. This may sound silly, but this art actually sort of connects with me.

It connects personally with me mostly because when I was younger, I used to be an avid collector of rocks and scrap metal. When I look at this piece of art, it reminds me exactly of that, and it reminds me of when I used to do that. How uncanny, huh?

You did it again, with your anonymous style of making things that are unrelatable and in an atmosphere of their own sentience. This one does look a bit like a few things though.

This does look like a quartzite material, like a semi-translucent stone made from quartz. It's really granular, and interlocking. It's a bit like one of those gems you find in the raw, how they're more pronounced from other rocks, yet still are dull and muted despite being a crystalline substance.

I really like the dull sheen you captured here. The way the light moves in the stone, is much like a marble in terms of where the dark and light areas end up.

You also put that rusty crack in this quartzy material too, that is cool. I do have a suggestion about it though. I know that it's a simple detail, but I find that it being so straight kind of implies that the domed section of the rock is flat, or on the same plane as with the section in the background. Now, I don't know if you intended that, but I see it there, and it was something I noticed.

Perhaps if there was a little more curvature to the crack, it would help express the depth of the curve from the dome? Regardless, I like this whole submission. Its rusty, coarse and milky all at the same time.

I know you like to put quotes on your work, but in my personal opinion, I think this submission would of had something detracted from it if it had words on it.

I like your work, and I still hope to see even more, my friend!

Anchorwind responds:

Thanks for your thoughtfulness. Stick around long enough and there will be new work to see. I bounce between Audio, Visual, and Written works, but always something.

Fantastic piece of artwork. I enjoy the lighting and how the texture mimics a sort of metalic material. Very solid composition, well balanced.

Anchorwind responds:

I am glad you enjoyed, and thank you for taking the time to review.

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Jan 22, 2013
1:04 AM EST
3D Art
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