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This is my version of Jesus from madness. can't reveal much. In case you don't know, I'm working on a comic book series based off of madness but with a new take. check out Hank. he's the next post over.

as you can tell I'm drawing the characters before they get beat up and bandaged. kind of a start with a clean slate on the character and beat them up progressively in the story.

if madness were a live action movie. Danny Trejo would be the man to play Jesus. especially the way i'm setting up the character. which i can't mention.... >:)


I feel like this was a lot better than the previous one. It's mostly because Jebus has a defined face. Actually, the naming thing is weird. I heard some people say the character's name is Jebus, not Jesus. Is there really a difference? Well, whoever it is, this looks wonderful.

I love how the blood appears at the end. It's more organized than the Hank picture. It helps that Jebus (I'll just call him that) is based on someone who does have a face. Well, I guess everyone does. I guess the stitches show how he's been resurrected.

WTF The Nose

the savior bad?

jebus is one of the first to die, to kill hank hehee

Where the fuck have you been?

I miss our art battles you cunt

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I like both interpretations - however...

Isn't the whole point of the 'Madness' series to have 'no point at all?'

I mean...after all...that's what makes it kinda distinctive as a movie series.

Judging by your author's comments - I'm guessing your going to advance the plot with a distopian theme. The crosses on the face will have some major significance of either religious suppression, or government totalitarianism. Kinda like that whole Christian thing about the 'mark of the beast'.

But I'm just guessing and I'm sure you'll want to keep that all a secret until the big unveiling.

Still - I kinda like how the direction of how Mindchamber and Tom Fulp interpretations the 'Madness' series as a video-game with no real purpose or plot to the story. Just action and obscure humor.

However - you must have a very 'intense' story to create to have the permission from Krinkles.

After all - this is 'another take' on the Madness series.

But I predict there will be arguments about which one is more preferred.

Truth be told from me - I look forward to the development of either.


On a side note.

Is it too stereotypical of me to think that 'Dwayne Johnson' would make a great henchmen. Not the minor ones...

that BIG dude!

The one with the Spikes in his head?

AlmightyHans responds:

no i'm not going to make the cross on the face a religious thing.

I do like the loose insanity madness has, i want to preserve that. the only things i'm altering to have a 'structured story' are things like making this version a revenge plot. climbing the ladder of bosses that this 'cross gang' consist of. Basically, what i mean by adding a story. is coming up with a way to revisit, and create great moments in the very established madness universe, and tie together all its elements in a way it could not 'make sense' but more, work well together in a single story line.

essentially, I always thought the madness world had a lot of elements we all love in action movies, and new ideas and a unique mixture of those. I always thought madness needs a place in the world of action flicks, I'm just trying to see what it would look like if a madness movie existed. doing justice to it's core.

wow. that was too long of a response.

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