Self Portrait with Characters

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Self Portrait with Characters

Author Comments

There you go. Now you get the idea of what I look like, sort of. This one is a bit smaller than the original.


Nice work, but could use colours

I think you've done a wonderful job of balancing the shading in this piece - the way that the focus softens out as the picture heads into the background works so well, keeping the main focus on your actual self portrait, albeit a manga version of it.

With how the jaw line looks so smooth, I believe that there is room for more detail here and I absolutely hate the drawing style that makes the eyes so massively out-of-proportion with the rest of the face. There could certainly be more detail on the neck,a s there are so many natural contours there, that just beg for artists to show them off.

Despite the shading being absolutely fantastic here, I could certainly see there being enough room for more colour, since even if you just went and added the occasional splash of colour to things like the eyes, it would provide more detail to the image, which would take it to the next level.

It looks like you've got some great quality pencils there, so perhaps invest in some great quality coloured pencils and have a go, to see what you can do with them :)

[Review Request Club]

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AkujinRuukasu responds:

Thank you. I kinda forgot to add enough details of my neck, I have to agree. As for the drawing style for the eyes, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I respect that. They are a bit smaller than those in some of my earlier works. That may not be what you had in mind, but would you consider that, somewhat, an improvement? I do have have some colored pencils. I'm just not sure if they would be considered high-quality, though. Thanks again for the compliments and suggestions. I greatly appreciate it.

~ Review Request Club ~

It's not what I would consider a Self Portrait. In my opinion (and it could be/probably is wrong) it's a false perception of how you either think you look or what you wish you would look like. I'll point out a few reasons why I feel this.

The eyes of you (which I'm assuming is the middle character) are huge. The eyebrows are very thin and have a very weird curl down to your nose. I know my eyebrows go the opposite direction with their highest points in the middle next my nose and the lowest parts on the outside.

The mouth is very small compared to the nose and the chin/face structure isn't something that looks like would be on a human without plastic surgery. Perhaps you are very muscular, but the portrait of yourself looks like you weight well over 200 pounds with no fat at all.

So yeah, as a drawing I think it's great and that's how I'm going to rate it, but I myself can't consider this a true self portrait. Of course, that's all being said without me knowing what you look like at all.

Yeah, in all of the pictures the eye brows seem to be backwards to me. There were some pictures which had more detail than others, but in the ones that didn't have the details you've could have put a lot more in. Specifically the guy with spikes (in his hair and his body) has great detail put into his hair, but the character right to the right of you doesn't have detail in his hair.

You did a really good job with the longer hair on the girls. All around you did a good job with details and everything, but I find a few things here and there that I picked out. Nothing major by any means though.

~ Review Request Club ~

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AkujinRuukasu responds:

I pretty much made a manga version of myself, which I aimed for. I see that I made my neck a little bit too wide. To this day, I actually weigh around 165 lbs. I also had my head a little bit downward. I have to agree, I kinda made my eyebrows too thin and too downward. Now that you mentioned the eyebrows being bass-ackwards, I did some comparison among the manga version, live version, and my drawing version. I guess I had them the wrong way without realizing it! I think I see where you are going when you compared Akujin's and Akiyoshi's hair. I was afraid of overdoing the hair and putting it off-balance. Thanks for the compliments and suggestions. I'll be sure to keep these in mind. Oh, one more thing, there's only one girl in the picture.


The drawings itself are very nice. The lines look good and especially the clothes of the guy on the right side look very realistic.
However, I think you should have used some colours in this picture to give it an even more realistic look. You could also add more details more easily this way.

I like that you used nearly all of the space the canvas had. Nothing looks more ugly than huge white spaces on the canvas.

{ Review Request Club }

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AkujinRuukasu responds:

As I said to Celx-Requin, at that time, I couldn't really afford the right coloring materials, and colored pencils would leave texture and be too bright. Thank you for your time to give compliments and constructive criticism. I appreciate it. ^_^

Good self portrait...


Although some of the characters seemed out of proportion, and just to be clear I mean out of proportion relative to your art style, plus the lack of color kind of hurt you too.

I feel even if you didn't want to use color you should have at least inked it, as it would have given your lines a more salient presentation.

Other than that I must commend you on all the activity you have going on,
it's really a good use of space on your "canvas".

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

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AkujinRuukasu responds:

I see where some characters were out of proportion, especially Arch Vile's DevilFace's hands and the vampire hunter's neck, jaw, and hair. I have to say that Yuka was kinda tricky to draw to me. Right now, I'm taking a figure drawing class. I'm sure this'll help me with proportions and perspective. As for coloring, at the time this was worked on, I figured colored pencils would be too bright for this picture. I couldn't really afford appropriate color utensils then. My family had a critical situation which ended tragically two months after this was completed. Until you mentioned inking the picture, I didn't really think about doing that. Oh well...
Thank you for your suggestions and compliments. I really do appreciate it. ^_^

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Dec 10, 2009 | 1:31 AM EST
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