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Mind Marbles


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Made this over the summer. this is when i found out that ink is awesome! and you can make ultra thin lines with it, and that if you stop to think it dries on your pen and the nib stops working >:C

Made this over the summer.
i don't usually explain what my drawings mean, but I'll give it a shot,

this drawing is a sort of metaphor for the mind and its contents and functioning

the marbles are the "selfs", the idea of "me". (there's more than one because I think people often have several "identities" that arise in different environments, there is no fixed "I" in the brain nor mind. which is why they're marbles, beacuse "self" is just another idea, another mental-content among the other thoughts and mental contents. being marbles, they are transparent, "reality" is distorted when you look through them, and they are hard to break, despite being made of a fragile material (like self).

the mountains are "physical reality", the "world" (all of which occupies a great part of our mind). the clouds at the top transform into more black sludge, which represent selfish and deluded notions of heaven and escape from reality or existence.

the bottom wavey blankess represents ego-dissolution, an idea where all of this mental-ness stops and simply breaks away into an empty space, that is neither below or above (hierarchically) the rest, its on an entirely different "level". the top left corner is similar, this represents glimpses into ego-dissolution experiences and escapes via psychedelics/consciousnes s altering practices and the like (which all have an inherent aspect of duality (suffering) (the two black roots) as they are temporary and exist only in comparison with "actual" permanent ego-dissolution);

small A5, indian ink, nib pen
half random-improvisation
half analytical-composition



I love the meaning of this piece. I like reading the meaning of the different parts of this scattered piece and seeing just where they are located. I really like the piece itself as well. I like the many parts eyes should see. In short I really enjoy your meaning and the piece.

like it

really good, do more

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4.50 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2010
1:01 PM EST
Fine Art
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900 x 1296 px
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