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Diablo 3 fan art [Hunter class]


2014' diablo 3 hunter drawing
What do you think of my Hunter class (i think that's the name)
I still want to play that game (i loved diablo 1 and 2 ! )

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Demon hunter

Yes demon hunter is the class and have to say you did a fantastic job here would have loved some added lighting effects the creature is pretty good too overall this is a nice art piece especially on one of my fave classes and characters anyways keep up the fantastic art work


airman4 responds:

My fave too ! Beat the first diablo with her class character xd
Would never forget ! Thanks very much for the review !

Oh, hey cyberdevil. I personally don't play Diablo 3, but nonetheless this picture looks epic. The atmosphere is always what makes a picture awesome, and I should know. I draw ALL THE TIME.

This is just amazing. The light and shadow, form and fury, venom bolts raining down in a rash of rubble as the warrior runs forth. A fast-paced piece; awesome work!


airman4 responds:

Thanks a million cyberdevil

This is a good piece of work. Is this from a particular level or quest?

The color scheme is a bit bland for my taste but aesthetically, it holds pretty well. You should do one with the Necromancer - because he is clearly the best class in Diablo ;)

airman4 responds:

Not a stage , the background i created it

I will give you a negative review :) The monster just stays with the mouth open. It is not drawn as if it just spit that acid. The archer looks like she ventures towards us. It would've been cooler if she looker like she was in the process or reloading bow while she run, but that is just my personal view. onster's hands are twisted. I do not know is it is handicaped or something, but the hands should's shown that he just came out of the earth. The big boulder from right is lifted perfectly horizontaly where venom hit the stone. That is very unreal. No stone will fly horizontaly when you throw something in it. The celling is not detailed at all but I guess you wanted it that way (and because it is dark). If that is the entrance (big square where light comes in), it should have also a rope or something to suggest that ther hero came through there. Long story short, the draw is not dynamic tho you tried. So tho your drawing skills are 5/5, I will rate 2/5 because you must be rated on a pro level, right? :D Continue improving yourself :)

airman4 responds:

That's interesting
Well first , thanks for your review , even with the bad grade , i dont mind (as long it's sincere and not pure bashing to break me )
The mouth is not static or just open , maybe i should put acid in a very different color but if you see well you see a movment of the acid coming out of his mouth , so i think my mistake is the color choice here preventing a good reading
For the woman , i dunno , maybe , if i remind well i drew her as she is about to shoot the monster , so she already have reloaded , now maybe another stance would have been better

For the big boulder i'm not sure ? , i dont see something perfectly horizontal to the ground ?

The ceiling could have been detailled yes but it would have made the scene hard to read
Characters are very detailled and already steal the spot

For the rope that's a good idea , i'll think about it next time
Thanks ! (you can rate me how you want , it's okay )

Credits & Info

4.53 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2016
4:36 PM EST
File Info
2857 x 2000 px
2.3 MB

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