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The main characters from my upcoming comic done in a bit of a different style to what I usually do, ALL IN A ROW.

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This is one my favourites, the theme is what gets me curious, but what i love the most is the facial expressions, they show personalty and the alignment of Aura.
Good job.

Good pic

I like this drawing style a lot. It is pretty realistic but yet very comic like, so that "overacted" facial expressions or movements wouldn't feel so out of place, if they do happen from time to time. And yet you could use this drawing style to adress more serious topics, something you couldn't do so easily if the characters where drawn like they are in your other picture "With A Little Help".

I also like how the poses of all the characters are different here. It may reflect their personality a bit, but it also creates the impression that all four just came together for this group picture to be taken. So, in a way this image also creates the feeling of "movement", which I quite like.

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Nice style

I'm not going in detail on what the characters' personalities are like, since the previous two already did that, but I do like to say that I like how with each kid the pose is a bit different. The two to the left kind of look like they're happy, and they both look pretty cute. Their clothes are are the most detailed, or at least the most different from regular clothes, and that makes them stand out the most.

The two on the left look more like troublemakers, or at least kids who are different from most others, and don't really fit in. Their poses show their personality well. The third from the left almost looks like she just got out of prison, if not for the butterfly glasses.

I don't know if you chose it because of the effect, but I think the colours match the characters perfectly. With the brighter red and green for the "happy" ones and the dark blue and black for the "sad" ones the effects of the poses become even more powerful.

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Yay for comics

Well they look rather interesting to say the least. The characters look kind of bubbly but at the same time very happy.

Green looks like she might be the daredevil of the group along with Blue. She kind of has on possibly a bit too much eye liner possibly. Like how her zipper is green though, good custom look. Then her hair is pure white giving the feeling she might blend in with guys from time to time or at least it feels that way. She looks drawn nicely.

Red seems like she would be the nicest of the bunch seeing as she has a skirt and seems to look like she has a nice demeanor too. The shirt has some red smileys which is real nice and the ribbon in her hair just makes her look even nicer. Her face seems to express joy here. Very nice looking.

The striped shirt one looks kind of like she has a rough life actually seeing as it looks like she has something on her face that would cover one of her eyes. The shirt looks really nice though and her expression seems to be a bit down or angry possibly. She looks pretty nice actually.

The Blue looks like she just enjoys music and having a good time as the heart on her shirt seems to show her enjoying the music and the day. The hair looks a bit fuzzy too making her pretty different in way of hair from the others too.The glasses are a swell touch.

Overall, they look pretty neat. Have fun with the comic!

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Oldskool Comic Book Style

I love the black and one colour pre-1990s comic book print run that you seem to have prepared for, since that's when the comics didn't come in full colour, though I bet you already knew that.

I think I should sum up each character for their own merits and flaws, so read on and have a look at each individual.

"Green" is a rather cheerful soul, with a little too much eyeliner for my liking, as the sunny disposition is not something that tends to be associated with Emo, though that appears to be the look that she (?) is made up for. The ears look a little out of place there, but we can't help how we're made (or indeed drawn in this case)

"Red" seems the more prim and proper one of the group, though that should not be able to deceive me so easily, considering how first impressions can be deceptive. Sticking to looks that may not get on the nerves of her mother so much, she even has a skirt, which is almost unheard of these days. I actually dread this one growing up, because she could be one of those girls that my mother warned me about...

"Black" is either Emo, Goth, or a rather angry lovechild of Xiahou Dun, from Dynasty Warriors (it's a one-eyed thing). The wholly black eye is creepy and certainly betrays a dark and mysterious personality, as much as one can be darker than the surroundings in a largely monochrome surrounding. This one looks to have a vicious streak a mile wide and an absence of a sense of humour, in the way of typical teenagers.

"Blue" is either a techno-geek, or a music lover (wow, great deduction, Holmes!) Easily distracted by things going on out of shot, though probably more than just a plot exposition device, who really gets on with the others, because they tolerate the lifestyle of one another.

In short, four very different characters, set for adventure on an unknown scale. I'd have added a bit of a background to this piece, because how many places are there with a completely white background, unblemished and clean in your setting? Just something to distract the eye once in a while and possibly betray whatever it is off shot that Blue is looking at.

I'm looking forward to these kids' adventures and I actually can't wait to read this. Sod Christmas, this is worth getting excited about!

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3.93 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2011
7:59 PM EST
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1920 x 1080 px
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