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Final Summons: Carissa Classic


I shared this piece with a few friends before this final showing and most of the reviews are highly varied. A mix between WTF, and, or, the reminder the re-watch clips of 'Pizza-the-hut,' from "Space-balls."

I was also asked to watch 'High Anxiety,' so I'll be sure to check that out and find out what the reference is supposed to be, and how it relates to my wide-mouthed tentacle babe.

With this piece I was pulling on themes I've come to find very useful in organizing graphic design and enhancing my style. Not so much focusing on how others precieve something is to be, but assuring the viewer that what thier seeing does have the potential to be alluring and kill you at the same time.

"Wonder what shell do with those?" Is the first thing to comes to the mind of viewers and where their mind takes them would make for good dinner table talk. At least with those that I know.

Practical thoughts are appreciated but moving out of the box is encouraged. I'm sure she'll just drag whomever into that open door up the steps, as quick as she came out to see who it was that knocked in thee first place.

That is the direction I sought with this piece, to scare the mess out of people that claim I'm all about sex, and have no depth.

Carissa will set them straight, with just the whip of her tail. I've been adept to the transformation of man from HP Lovecrafts, journals, that the bizzare is normal, or no more fantastic than the claims of undying heros.

That is the real inversion of thought I've been facing lately. It's why I placed the emblem of a devil-horned-heart with a halo, in the bottom left corner.

We are living in a time when good and evil is relative. Much to the benefit of Carissa, who when you ask her, " Why did you eat our dinner guests," she'd reply, 'isnt that what you meant when you said, Carissa baby youll just love our new guests, they will be here for dinner?"

From the look of all in the room, the answer is clearly, 'If you can reach them they are all yours".

Who are we to stand in the way of a being stronger, faster, wiser, badder, and sexier than we are? Because she is different, we call her names like ugly. We paint her as a monster to be feared, without considering such a beast may have self-control. Her eyes are not of a mindless animal, but of a calculating machine set to achieve what is her own best interest.

If only the rest of us could be so brave.

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2.48 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2020
3:43 PM EDT
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816 x 1056 px
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