Euriidice and the Dream Weaver


I love card readers. I mean the real readers that can take what you say, what you like, your passions for life and tell you what is coming at you and what to expect from your past actions. Without knowing too much about you, they can read your eyes and know instantly what kind of person they are entertaining.

 That is what the Dream Weaver found when he was introduced to Euriidice.

By her own admonition there is nothing special about her. She is really uninteresting and a whiskey loving cynic. Aside from this she is a freedom loving romantic and that is what the Dream Weaver counts on when he asks her for advice in regard to where she sees the world going and what a dream weaver like himself can do to stop it.

 Of course, true to her nature, she calls him a fool for attempting to change anything, while associating with the spineless and abusive. She is Hellenic and has no love for Christians. Which the Dream Weaver can find no fault with her reasoning. History teaches of years of bad blood between the two sects. This of course takes no love away from the Dream Weaver for his oracle.

 Euriidice has a perception of life that he desires and will not allow the bad behavior of those before him to stand in his way.

 Receiving letters daily, encouraging the gathering of fund to outwit RINO’s and Democrat policies in congress and ignoring them all because he can’t help but to agree with Euriidice, that these organizations do nothing but take hard earned money from people with no clear goals on how to solve their issues. Out of fear that if they really solved their heart felt problems, they would not earn any more money. That is rather abusive.

“There is nothing you can do about it, so don’t be a child, like so many others, writing fables and filling the world with illusions.” chides Euriidice.

“Bad things happen, and it is the individual’s job to get over it, not blame everyone else or some invisible force of no name.”

The Dream Weaver can’t help but to laugh to himself as he listens to the little painter. “I like you, your young and that goes over well for most men. An artist that says exactly what she means. You can look at an image and because it is not quite perfect your frustrated and ready to fight. You’ll take a breather, come back for more, fix what bothered you and improve every time. The next piece of art is always better than the last. You’re a lot of fun to talk to as well. Those searching for their ideal of freedom are those I want to consider a friend.”   

 She drinks to be free or at least feel so. Euriidice pulls a bottle of Jack Daniels from her secretary, smirks, asking as she pours a shot for herself, “You sure you don’t want to entertain someone less complicated?”

After looking her over, the Dream Weaver asks, “Why do you drink that stuff Euriidice, wouldn’t you rather have something that reminds you of home?”

Euriidice, with a blush along her cheeks gushes, “Someone with as bad a personality as mine is bound to drink something that sits in the gut. Maybe is gets rid of my demons quicker? Maybe the taste and burn of it sends me where you can’t?”

The Dream Weaver blushes.

“I did not know you were in need of freedom. I can only empathize with your friendship with the Jack; outside of drinking are you any good with those cards?”

She picks up the fool’s card, suggesting she is the personification of innocence.

“I suppose I would not have the honor of being the card before or after you in that deck. From what you know of me, which card would you pull for me, from that stacked deck I mean?”

She shuffles the deck and from memory describes herself: Upright five of cups (regret, failure, pessimism) and Upright eight of swords (negative thoughts and self-imprisonment).

She does not even consider that the Dream Weaver may not understand. In fact, under the hood of her eyes she seemingly suggests he is no Christian at all and can almost feel his connection with a past he hides with the mask of Christendom.

He is a man with deep roots but no memory of it. He knows not who his real father is. His mother was a whore, who went from man to man, looking for a father to raise him. He is black but comely, very little African to speak of. She does not ask the unspoken question, “Who was your father and where did you learn to weave dreams and make illusions reality?”

Instead she shuffled the cards and pulled in rapid succession, her perception of the weaver.

(Upright justice and Upright seven of cups).

Justice for obvious reasons e.g. you want equality for everyone, while seven of cups stands for wishful thinking and illusion, amongst other things. “Because you think you can help the world, for example by writing to VOM, but all just naive wishful thinking.” Her skill with the cards is a marvel.

“This of course is not a full reading, it’s just what I think symbolizes myself and you well and also because I am scared as fuck to give myself a full reading, what if I pull the nine of swords?” 


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