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BADASS: MADDY // Guns, Swords, Drank


Her name is Maddy Fury. She is from Australia and has a way of always getting in trouble or starting fights. Does not care for a lot of things and just likes to sit on the beach with her girlfriend during hot summer days. Not a fan of Pink. Believing that not all women like pink or should be expected to do so. Don't call her sexy, cute, attractive or fun. She'll just hang the phone up on you. Money does not even motivate her. She is a perv though. That's always interesting.

The overarching theme of this piece is "BadAss," or at least the notion of a badass woman. As I was creating it, I was given a lot of freedom of thought from the original submitter. Ask them, "What does badass mean to you?" and the answers are open ended. So I sought to supply that answer in a unique fashion. I broke a lot of the ideas of badass into several groupings. Guns, swords, drink. surrounding these three themes by a pretty face, gives you ever spy movie, action flick, villainous woman, street woman, rich woman, poor woman. All of which are badass in some way in there own right but as long as these three themes appear, than you know something, 'badass,' is about to occur.

Leather. The leather jacket and leather boots are for the badass. Like a Tecovas commercial or Angelina Jolie movie, ever watch, my stomach still lurches when I think about her jumping over bridges in a car or truck. Everything that woman ever did a movie was something you should not do when your drunk. Yet it was the definition of badass at the time and inspired a lot of women to invest in their own self-esteems. Not bad for a few hours work.

The last real feature used to create this poster child for badass, was rolling her up into the perfect style. I went with the Manga concept because for years that was the definition of 'badass,' for a kid like me. If you want a thought to travel around the world in 80 days and relate to as many people as possible, nothing is more effective than Manga style, its as efficient as Gundam Style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRN-IrejBTw of course anything that can turn the head of Kim Jung Un and win his support, bringing him out of his bunker to play with the general public, it must be 'badass.'

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Superb art.

AdventVoice responds:

I'm more than excited about your response to this one.

Looks nice, I glad to see that you are always doing better and better arts

AdventVoice responds:

I'm glad you can see improvement and are always looking forward to something interesting to be discussed. Maybe you'd like to send suggestions of what is 'BadAss' to you, by the ways of WOMAN?

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3.24 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2020
7:09 AM EDT
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816 x 1056 px
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