Double Bluff


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A project I did in a few hours
Done in Photoshop, using only two colours, orange and blue



muh gawd.

What he said

I really love this, it's amazing. I'd go into more detail, however SkillZombie really said more than what I can.

oh snap!

every unique drawing.... def one of my favs!

Good depiction of an almost alien world

The deep, dark depths of our oceans can appear to many as an almost otherworldly and alien plain of existence that has been hidden from us for as long as we can remember. With pressures so great that they could crush bones into dust and darkness so dense that light cannot even pierce it, a place such as this does not seem appropriate for live to exist let alone even thrive. Contrary to our first perceptions of this strange land, there are indigenous creatures here; however they are not your average marine wildlife. There are creatures at these depths that appear straight from a horror movie, and none of them are exactly friendly toward anyone...even one another. In this world, there is no top predator when anything can kill you at any time. Double Bluff, created by adamkav, shows us exactly how unbalanced life can be for these creatures when even top predators find themselves as unwary prey for a larger predator.

When I first saw this piece, I was immediately drawn in by not only the style that the artist used but also the ironic humor used in the image itself. As I had mentioned before, there are really no top predators in the dark zone or abyssal plains of the ocean, so when I saw a picture of a deep sea anglerfish, a known predator, being lured into the maw of a larger angler, I found it rather humorous.

Each and every single malformed and grotesque detail of these fish are on display and the look great. The various fleshy growths, the many rows of jagged, dagger-like teeth that protrude from the mouths of the creatures and the ominous bio-luminescent glow of the lure used by the smaller angler really gives this piece an atmosphere as dense and dark as the water that its surrounding the fish. It really does look good and one can almost imagine the tense silence as both deep sea creatures move silently toward each other, locked in the titular "Double Bluff" to see who would fall for who's trap and would would either be the predator or the prey.

One thing I could suggest to improve upon this image is to add a bit more to the piece that could truly simulate the deep sea atmosphere. Even though its almost black at such depths, bio-luminescent creatures reveal small bubble from lower depths, various particles from dead and decaying creatures or general creature waste, even faint lights from other creatures in the dark distances. Also, a slight darkening in contrast could add even further atmospheric tension to the piece and would make the glow of the light more pronounced and the silhouette of the larger fish that much more meanacing. My suggestion is to perhaps study some real world pictures to give you an even better grasp on your concept in order for you to refine this piece and take it from good to great.

With slight flaws, good looking art style, atmospheric tension and a rather interesting concept, this is one piece that newgrounds members and art enthusiasts should not pass up. Good work Adamkav.

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Nov 16, 2010
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