Final Prophecy: Gliese 581 G


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Latest piece!
Work for a game called Final Prophecy from the planet Gliese 581 G.

"The planet is in synchronous rotation with its orbit around the sun, meaning one side is permanently pointed to its mother star, while the other side always points away from it. Making one side scorching hot, and the other freezing cold. There is a thin strip in the middle where life has evolved. The harsh conditions on this planet has given all life either a hard shell to protect against heat, or a thick fur coat or fat layer to protect against cold. Herbivores have also developed in a unique way. They dig underground and absorb nutrients from the soil."

More concepts from the game will came as time progress, Stay put.


Really nice work

This was cool, has a very nice ice feel about it now here I would have liked to see one of two things or both maybe some more sunlight comming in from that gap, and maybe some wind blowing to show off more ice feel to it, but anyways nice work here.

maybe some more sunlight comming in from that gap, and maybe some wind blowing to show off more ice feel to it,


Acrylla responds:

Thanks man! I appreciate the feedback and I agree, the whole painting lacks in a lot of ways.

Looks like a couple of places near winterhold.

Wow. I love how real and crisp this looks at first, but immediately as you soom in, you can see the rough brush strokes!
Incredible job ;)

Acrylla responds:

Thanks! Getting that crisp look has been a real goal of mine :)

Nice job, it would be nice if your water had a little more blue. It's hard to make it out against all that gray and white.

Acrylla responds:

It is actually ice, I didn't want it to stand out too much... I tried making it pop more but that took away from the image as a whole.

I heard about this concept on National Geographic long time ago.
I always wondered how the civilization would look like, how they would build their houses etc.
And remember there is a permanent hurricane in the middle of the planet, where sun is at zenith.

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Jun 18, 2015
7:13 AM EDT
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