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Officer Jeff (Officer Jaffe Scoob movie parody)


just some parodies of Officer Jaffe from the scoob movie

also a bit of a update in regards to why i was gone, kinda ranty and bit unedited but here goes. i got mobility issues and had a hard time adjusting to this place im in. trying to social distance in this house then just giving up cause it wasnt cost effective to bother cleaning after my moms messes. like shes really gross, doesnt wash her hands properly or at all, and also rushing me when we go out, causing me pain. ugh and the kitchen is so dirty that i just dont eat stuff thats been there too long, cause it causes me to go to the bathroom right away or too frequently. which wouldnt be a big deal if me going to the bathroom and showering wasnt a thing i had to do that takes alot of effort. with how bad my health is, i have to do them one after the other to save time and be somewhat clean. and also my mom gave me the flu which just hitted me hard.

im still kinda weaker for going through that. and her and her bf sometimes throw parties when i sleep or have people over, sometimes waking me. and i cant adjust my sleep schedule since sure itll be fine for some days, but then oh hey there gonna be assholes and then party or make noise at a different time. they honestly dont give a shit about me and are very incompetent. i woulda called child services by now if i was underage to be frank.

but ya also i been working on the website and fixing things on growing all this art stuff, that took alot of time with having to deal with this shitty house environment and me learning to code, but everything major seems done. art should continue at a good pace, but i do have one last thing to mention. 

so ya my grandma is kinda dead. dont rip her of press f to pay respects cause she tried to kill me and shes kinda a dick. while taking care of her in her old apt, she got tired of how i took care of her cause we lived in a shitty house and it was hard to take care of both her and me due to my mobility issues. but despite me breaking my body for her and trying to keep her and me clean, she didnt like how germaphobic i was about it and just pulled a knife on me. and she prob coulda had a chance cuz she had more energy then me at the time. i only mention this cause despite her faults, she probably felt more guilt and actual care about my health more then my mother did. letting me stay with her when my mom threatened to kick me out despite having mobility issues cause she didnt recognize the severity at the time. and also supporting me financially since im unable to work a normal job with how bad my health is. 

and since shes gone, ya i kinda lost a big chunk of financial support. while my mom does pay for stuff now, i honestly dont trust her. shes the kinda person who will regularly spend 30 bucks on eating out regularly and then complain about not having money when she needs to buy stuff for the house or pay her bills. hell we had a grant or something from my gramas old apt to have free electricity and she didnt even bother moving it over during this i wanna say def more then 3-5 months prior to her dying or whatever the time frame is. shes very lazy and it also concerns me that her boyfriend pays for everything too. she has no job and gosh i worry about the day when theyll argue again and then he gets tired of this shitty situation and he trys to kick us out if that happens. and he goes in to work late and drinks, so im just waiting for him to lose his job too if that happens first.

but ya i mention all this cause i need you guyses help. only do this if you can, cause i kno times are tuff cause of the virus. but if u can definitely support me on subscribestar or patreon. i dont need much and across my accounts i got enough follows where if just 50 subbed for a dollar, i mean id prob be okish for a emergency. like if my moms card declines, id hate to get stuck in a area being unable to take a uber home if my mom wont give me a ride or something

id just feel more comfy having some kinda safety net and if you like my stuff, definitely help if u can. any amount would be appreciated. and if u are unable to, that is fine as you can help by other methods. Depending on what social media your using, below or on my profile are instructions on the best ways to interact with my art to help my socials grow. if ya can do that and just follow my socials, that will help.  

all the stuff i mentioned here should be linked below or on my profile or on my website

thanks and enjoy the rest of your day


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Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

May 17, 2020
10:14 PM EDT
File Info
1200 x 1600 px
286.7 KB

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