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Gisa's Rider


A commission for Narshe in conjunction with his ballin' story featuring my OC, Gisa, and his OC, Rain. (www.hentai-foundry.com/c hapter-11696.html)

"No brown M&M's."

With the freckled girl gone again and both of the other women distracted, Rain makes his move. He leans forward and grabs Gisa's shaky legs and yanks hard, pulling the shemale off balance back towards him. The rock star flails frantically, grabbing onto whatever she can behind her to pull herself up while Jessica takes the opportunity to breathe and massage her throat. This happens to be Rain's thighs, and he waits, holding his dick in perfect position as Gisa tugs on him. She unwittingly pushes Rain's cock past her O-ring and into her sphincter, squealing as the sudden occupation of her dirtiest space pokes against her prostate. The devious Rain wastes no time in supporting her in that position, lest she fall off of him and stop milking his fuckstick with that delicious ass, and he takes hold of her neck and a tuft of her blonde hair, pulling her head back and her back into an arch.

Jealous of the attention the dickgirl is getting, Jessica crawls forward on her hands and bare knees, giant toys sticking out of her behind like some bizarre tail. Gisa's cock soars up every time Rain sodomizes her, and her leathery ballsac bounces up and down underneath it tantalizingly. The purple haired girl grabs onto the prick in front of her with one hand, masturbating for the woman who has no free hands to play with her cock, and chomping a pear sized testicle in her mouth, nibbling on the sperm factory to produce more hot spunk.

Pressured like this, with people attending to both her masculine and feminine needs, Gisa's orgasm rises and falls upon her in a crashing wave. Her tongue lolls out as thick streams of baby batter spray out of her cock, landing on the toes of the returning Sliver, who has just entered the room. Behind her, the stage boss calls out through the door, "Ms. Eiffel! Five minutes to showtime!"

The distracted woman almost doesn't notice, so lost she is in the throbbing of her cock as it dribbles more cum into the hair of the girl servicing her package. "Ja!" she screams ecstatically. "I'm cumming!"

Out in the hallway, the stage boss hears her cry of lust, and awkwardly mumbles, "...okay," before shuffling off to his duties

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I want to do this. ;)


good ilustration

good erotic ilustration

More shemale on man

There is too little shemale on man drawings out there. Both of them getteing fucked and of them doing the fucking.
He should have played with here tits and balls.

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Feb 25, 2011
4:20 PM EST
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