Evolutions of Salvatore


Evolution of my madness character. ausanford A.K.A Salvatore

He went from complete zombie Sanford to normal badass guy.

Which one is better?? and which one's your favorite?

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i like the 3rd one :D

6 Is Better And I My Favorite Is 6


ExodusTerminator responds:


this is how he got these changes ( well maybe ) sanford was fighting the auditor with hank before the auditor was killed he cursed sanford to got a horrible disease that will kill him to bad he did not add the venom to kill him. 2 weeks after that there was a small zombie invasion and ausanford got bitten but because of the disease it some how protected him other than his jaw breaking open. half a year later ausanford met this half withdocter half human by the name of dan (a.k.a coco34)and he said he could cure him along with some magic and halo incase if he needs magic to protect himself.to bad for ausanford coco34 granted him the magic and halo with a demon crystal belonging to tech devil who hunted him down choked him and took away the powers.( meassage me if you want hear more! :D )

ExodusTerminator responds:

Hahaha....good story :P

The five evolution look like my future character(I create another char)
Also,you can give me the link of the Akikazu custom sprite sheet please?
And nice art!!

ExodusTerminator responds:

Let me see it first, and will send you on PM for custom sprite.
Thank you

I Have Sprites Of 1-2 Options
And Last Evolution Is Cool!

ExodusTerminator responds:

Realy?... you didn't ripped off my sprite and re claim my old character as "Your sprite"?. but no offend.
i'm just wanna know. thank you

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Jan 19, 2015
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