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15 Years of Fanciness.


This series kickstarted all of my hobbies and gave me a safe place to be a idiotic 11 year old on the internet.

Although I've sorta grown away from the community, i always go back replaying the games over and over again for countless hours on end. I first joined the Borne Games discord when it was announced on the Borne Games website. Hell, I was extremely excited as a 11 year old lol. I probably annoyed some people there alot lmao (im genuinely sorry you had to put up with me). The Fancy Pants Adventures is a series I hold dear to my heart, its simple, its super charming, it was my first video game I played, EVER.

I still remember my dad showing me World 1 when I was 4, getting terrified of the spiders and crying when i didnt know how to jump, dying to them over and over. I think what made the games so charming was the simplicity of it, you don't have to build up momentum like Sonic, you can just go up walls effortlessly, but building up speed rewards you as you get launched even farther and higher! Don't get me started with the art and enemy design, a simple spider, a mouse with stick limbs and a gun that shoots scribbles, toothpick ninjas, a angry sleeping penguin, all of them are just things you might find yourself coming up with randomly and doodling them in your homework while bored.

Brad's animation gives the series so much life, his passion for the series is incredibly inspiring and put the thought in my 11 year old head that went something like this: "art is fun and it looks cool.". Where do I begin with this? I doodled fancy pants man all the damn time. My teachers would see him in my homework, (with spiders and armed mice alike) my textbook, and I even drew a level on a desk with colored pencils (teachers made me clean it afterwards lmao). I was genuinely obsessed with the guy, the nerdy geek of the school.

"You should focus more on studying and memorizing instead of doodling these useless things all the time."

"okay." (proceeds to never take their "advice")

Fast forward 4 years later and I'm making stuff that genuinely impresses others for once (teachers and some students alike) and me, I'm so proud of how far I've come with a art style that most people can sorta recognize, (don't take my word for it, I have very low self esteem and I hate bragging, I'm just mouthing what other people say about my art style lol) and I'm constantly trying to improve. I've branched out into other communities and hobbies that I enjoy doing. And it all started,

with The Fancy Pants Adventures...

This piece was crafted with my pure love for the series and all it has made me become.

Thank you Brad Borne, for the incredible childhood I had with your games.

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Fancy Pants is the best!

This piece simply radiates whimsy. I could think of no better thing to capture the peaceful and endearing atmosphere of Fancy Pants, and I have a feeling others think the same...


Really cool, really pretty. Congrats on the contest thing!

Outstanding! The shading and mix of colors is especially phenomenal! Well done!

Credits & Info

4.84 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2021
12:17 PM EDT

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