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Newgrounds Wiki: Chat Guidelines

In addition to the rules outlined in our Terms of Use:

- Don't be an annoying nuisance. No insulting, threatening or harassing other users and especially not moderators or staff members. Also, do not make any death threats towards anyone and ESPECIALLY public officials, even when it's clear from the context that you are joking. You may not only be permabanned, but all options are on the table, including being reported to law enforcement as well.

- No spamming or flooding the room. This chat has flood protection built in and it's there for a reason--primarily to get rid of spammers.

- Don't come in for the sole purpose of fishing for hot girls, hot boys, hot hermaphrodites or hot animals, and don't make A/S/L requests, especially if you're new. Go on a dating site instead--there are more than enough out there to satisfy just about everyone's needs.

- Using ALL CAPS is considered yelling. Excessive use of CAPS is NOT ALLOWED, LOL.

- No role-playing (RPing) or cyber sex. A little bit of RPing is unlikely to get you banned or even warned, but if you reach the point where any mod has to warn you to stop RPing, then heed it.

- Do not request software, porn or other questionable media from other users.

- If the chat is quiet aka "dead," don't talk to yourself by writing line after line out of boredom.

- No posting malicious links, links to referral sites, screamers or anything likely to be seizure-inducing to people with photosensitive epilepsy. However, non-malicious porn links are generally okay except links to child porn. As a courtesy to other users, you must include a NSFW warning before or following any links with adult content.

- Do not initiate or partake in any obviously pointless, asinine chatter, especially when there's already at least one serious and more productive discussion presently going on. We don't care if you randomly blurt out that you like pie, cocks, ponies, etc. while the rest of the room is talking about politics, video games, movies, music or whatever else. Try your best to conduct yourself in a reasonably mature and intelligent manner no matter how young or old you are.

- Don't make any subtle or overt racist, ethnocentric, sexist, homophobic or otherwise prejudiced comments. That should go without saying, but unfortunately, there are people that need to be reminded of that.

- Don't write excessively in a language other than English--it's exclusionary and this is a primarily English-speaking chat room.

- Keep attention whoring to a minimum.

- In the event that you get banned for any reason whatsoever, do not attempt to return to the room under a different account. You'll just get banned again for ban evasion indefinitely and at worst, all of your accounts may be deleted and your IP may be banned by a site administrator. If you have any questions or issues regarding a ban you received, PM a chat moderator and preferably the same moderator that banned you (if you know who it is). However, talk to us politely instead of disrespectfully if you really want to make things better and not worse.

- If you come in claiming to be a sibling, other relative or friend of a currently banned user, don't come on and beg for them to be unbanned--you'll just end up getting banned yourself and going nowhere.

- If you come back from a ban, just take it as a lesson learned and move on with your life. Don't repeat whatever got you banned in the first place or break another rule, because that will be taken into consideration if you receive any subsequent bans, which will in all likelihood be lengthier or permanent.