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Newgrounds Wiki: Art Guidelines

In addition to the rules outlined in our Terms of Use:

Photography is not allowed in either public or private galleries. We prefer to keep the spotlight on hand-made works. Photographs of sculptures, paintings or other hand-made items are acceptable.

You must be the owner and creator of the work you are submitting.

Your submission must not be a modified version of someone else's work. Collab work and "art trades" are allowed. You may parody existing submissions but you must create your own artwork.

Do not submit images made from public files (such as scene creators). Content created using 'scene creator' programs does not count as your creation. The artist who created the game also created the pieces, so the art is considered to be their work.

Your image must not use large amounts of photographic elements (such as faces cut from photographs) or copyrighted image content (company logos, packages, game or movie characters). In general you should avoid using any elements you don't own and didn't draw.

Please do not submit sketches and grossly unfinished work to the Portal. These should be kept on your own art page (simply don't check the box next to "Public Work").

Note: If you choose to showcase your art in the public listing, it may not appear for a few minutes and only if you have been scouted.

Artwork may be flagged as Inappropriate if:

- It depicts a sexually suggestive image of a child (note: this judgement is based on the image alone, regardless of whether you say the subject is 18+ in the comments).

- It promotes intolerance of certain races, religions or sexualities.

- You are bullying another user.

- It mostly consists of unmodified text. The only stories/poems currently allowed have to be illustrated by you.

Do not resubmit work if it has been removed by the moderators; this could result in a ban.

Art may be flagged for having the wrong age rating. Moderators will fix the rating and won't remove the art unless it is repeatedly changed back. Make sure your submission has been properly rated.