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T-Shirts & Apparel

Currently, all of our shirts are screen-printed, a technique employed by most T-shirt vendors. They are not created using an "iron-on" or "direct printing" technique, which sometimes results in discoloration or quicker fading.

Our preferred shirt brand is the Hanes Beefy® T and therefore choose it for most of our styles. It resists wear and tear better than other brands because it's a heavier cotton, and it doesn't taper down to a thinner width at the waist.

Occasionally, the Hanes Beefy® color palette is a little lacking or we want the skinny look, in which case we print a design on American Apparel. These are also quality shirts, with thinner, softer fabric.

Here are the descriptions direct from their websites:

Hanes Beefy-T® - "6.1 oz, special cotton process that requires two extra steps of refinement that leads to a much softer, more durable fabric"

American Apparel Fine Jersey T-Shirt - "Made of 100% fine ring-spun combed cotton, this lightweight fine jersey is exceptionally smooth and tight-knit"

Check the size chart below to see how the different brands measure up to your expectations, and make sure you're comfortable with the brand on which a particular design is printed before you order.


¹ Men's sizes measured in centimeters across chest.

² American Apparel T-shirts are tapered and measure up to 20% thinner at the waist.

Stickers & Posters

Our die-cut stickers have custom shapes and are typically sized larger like a bumper sticker. Sticker sheets, on the other hand, are several stickers cut out but left on a single page.

Our vinyl stickers are water resistant, won't rip, and take much longer to wear out - think of them as oddly-shaped bumper stickers. Paper stickers, on the other hand, are a little thinner and are sometimes harder to remove from certain surfaces without ripping.

All of our stickers have a shiny look and "feel" glossy. However, there are subtle differences between the surface coatings used.

UV Gloss - A liquid coating is applied to the sticker, which is then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light, helping protect the printed image. The resulting laminate gives the label a glossy finish and prevents the ink from rubbing off or fading in the sun.

Varnish - A clear, shiny ink is applied over the sticker to produce a glossy finish.

Artist Discs

The information for the DVDs is taken right off the packaging. If the creator didn't see fit to list the running time on the package, then the best we could do is list the number of episodes. Hey, it's better than nothing, right?

Shipping & Handling Policies

We have a minimum charge of $5 for all orders. To avoid being charged this fee, increase your cart's item quantities until your order total is above $5 and the minimum order charge will be removed.

We charge a $0.35 handling fee for non-Priority Mail® shipping options, to help defray the cost of shipping supplies. It is already included in all displayed shipping prices.

Sadly, we've had some bad experiences shipping to certain countries. If you don't see "USPS First Class International" as a shipping option, then we're sorry to say that you're one of the unlucky ones. We regret that we have to restrict our customers in these countries to the more expensive international options, but we find it necessary to require a shipping option that offers international tracking and package insurance. Ultimately, it means we are able to provide better customer service.

In some cases - Scandinavia, we're looking in your direction! - import taxes can be as high as 25% of the total order charge. There is no way for us to collect these tariffs up front and redirect them to your country; they are your responsibility! PLEASE be aware of your country's tariff restrictions as they have nothing to do with us. For our European customers, Wikipedia has a handy list of import rates for countries in the European Union.

Some countries may have strict import policies for certain items. Please check with the appropriate government agency about import restrictions specific to you. For example, Australia has extremely strict regulations against importing items that contain beans of any kind, so purchasing one of our plush toys may require your item be subjected to Gamma radiation for an additional fee before you may receive your item.

Store Contact

Due to the complexity of running an online store, we must request that you contact us using [email protected], the official store email address. We will respond to your request for information within 1-2 business days. Sending anyone a Private Message or contacting us in any other way will likely result in a delayed or missed response.