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Newgrounds Wiki: Help & Information

YOU CAN CONTACT US at support [at] if you are having problems with your account, site submissions, or wish to report other problems with your Newgrounds experience. Always include your NG username and as much information as possible to help us quickly and effectively remedy the situation. Thanks!
Content Submission - Learn about the process of showcasing your original creations on Newgrounds.

DMCA Notice - Did someone submit YOUR original creation instead of their own? Here's how to notify us with formal complaints.

Forums - Information and guidelines pertaining to the NG forums.

Private Messaging - Information about our private messaging system.

Site Moderation - In addition to the staff, we have a large number of volunteer mods from the community. Learn more about our moderation process.

User Accounts - Information about having a user account on

Terms of Use - The terms you must abide by if you use Newgrounds.

Privacy Policy - Learn about how your data is used, or not used.

Web Browser Requirements - Good for troubleshooting if the site isn't working right for you.