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Newgrounds Wiki: London Meet 2

London Meet 2

Preface As told by Luis This was the second annual meetup in London. The first one took place in September of 2007. This year we kicked off the year with a meet to celebrate the new year and most importantly my birthday. This second gathering turned out to be larger than the previous and I was no longer the only one flying from outside of England to gather in London. We had NegativeONE(Canada), Luka(Slovenia), VonDark](Norway), AlmightyHans(San Francisco, USA), and of yours me, Luis(Washington DC at the time). On with the photos!

  • When: January 19, 2008
  • Where: London, England
  • What: A bunch of newgrounders getting together!

Photos Top row (L-R): Luis, TheHappySheep, Tom, JPI, ChromeShark, Kirk-Cocaine, dEltaLuca, VonDark, AlmightyHans, BR
Bottom row: mogly, Dim, KaynSlamdyke, and Luka


Hans checking out our homemade NG meet sign

JPI gets nagged by the park police for holding up our tank logo and angry faic sign. They thought we were a terrorist organization maybe? lol

Left to right: KaynSlamdyke, dEltaLuca, AlmightyHans, Mogly, VonDark and NegativeONE

At the Ice Bar: Bezman, VonDark, Tom, NegativeOne, AlmightyHans, Mogly
bottom row: dEltaLuca, KaynSlamdyke and Luka

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