'Bubbies Featured in Practical Internet Magazine!

This article came to me from the UK thanks to Rich Wild. Rich did me the favor of scanning the article so I could see it. I have a small version of the image at the bottom of this page. Thanks, Rich!

I would also like to thank Paul Douglas, editor of Practical Internet magazine, for his prompt response to my search for the issue and the additional compliments reguarding the site.

Telebubby Fun Land

Hang on a sec - before you go tearing along to look at those 'cute little Teletubbies,' there's one thing we should point out. This is an over 18's site, and on it, you get to watch various members of the Tubbies taking drugs, turning into Satan, visiting prostitutes and getting beaten up by the police. If you're after something more interactive, you can opt to take shots at La-La or play drinking games with Dipsi (who has been re-named to something we can't print here).

This site has been well put together using - you guessed it - Macromedia's Flash, and fully deserves our Seal of Approval for its design alone. Most sane people would agree that it deserves a second seal for its content.

      Not only did they give Fun Land a glowing review, they gave it an entire page! I love the way they pieced together images from the site. This has to be the coolest press I've ever gotten, and I will praise Practical Internet until the day I die!

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