A Letter to Reverend Falwell

Jeffery P Commaroto (comaroto@frontiernet.net) sent this letter to Jerry Falwell, and thought I'd also like a copy. Thanks, Jeffrey!

Dear Reverend Falwell,

After reading the countless articles about your recent statement regarding the television show Teletubbies I began researching the issue a little further. Unfortunately it is my contention that you have made a gross error in your assessment of the real plague which the a-fore mentioned show is bringing about on the American youth.

You have stated that the character, Tinky Winky, is a proponent of homosexuality who is leading children to a false perception that this behavior is correct and morally decent.

I reported to the official Teletubbies web site which is a faction of the PBS Kids main web page. What I found was disturbing evidence that counters your belief and which shows a far worse message to American children. The following is a transcription of what I viewed.

"Tinky Winky is the biggest Teletubby. He is the gentlest of the Teletubbies. His favorite thing is his bag, which he likes to take out with him for walks. He usually sings his song "Tinky Winky". He loves to dance and fall over on his back. Tinky Winky loves all of the Teletubbies, and his best friend is Po, the smallest one. "

I became curious about the true nature of the relationship between Tinky Winky and Po so I searched further. The following is a transcript of the character summary of Po.

"Po is the smallest Teletubby. She often jumps up and down to express her feelings of joy, enthusiasm, and surprise. The natural place for Po is to be on her scooter zipping around the hills. She makes the noise "quickly, quickly, quickly" or "slowly, slowly, slowly" when riding her scooter. Po spends a lot of time on her own. Next to riding her scooter, Po likes to keep an eye on the panel switches and controls on the central column inside the Teletubbies' house. "

As you can see Reverend Falwell it is perfectly clear upon reading these descriptions that Tinky Winky is not gay. Rather Tinky Winky is sharing intimate sexual relations with the character Po. A small red colored character who appears to have the female symbol adorned atop her head. This is a very confusing message being sent to children showing that sexual relations between two characters who are not tied down in a bond of love and commitment before the eyes of god, is somehow acceptable and right. Children pick up on this message and will in time learn to act out on their own sexual urges. This show is not sending a message of homosexuality rather the message that premarital sex is somehow right in this world.

I quote that Po "often jumps up and down to express her feelings of joy, enthusiasm, and surprise" as well as the statement that [She makes the noise "quickly, quickly, quickly" or "slowly, slowly, slowly" when riding. What these statements show is her statement that premarital sex is filled with joy and enthusiasm and that a women riding a man and taking charge is okay. These are principals that run counter to the very nature of our Christian world.

The only crime Tinky Winky is quilty of is being a bit shy and reserved, allowing Po to become the dominant force resulting in his weakness as a male. Perhaps that purse is hers which she blatantly forces Tinky Winky to carry. Perhaps he is trapped in a meaningless relationship and was force to have premarital sex before he was ready. Maybe after all that is why he is only heard singing his own name "Tinky Winky" as a sullen cry for help as he struggles with his own identity. Any of these reasons would lead one to believe in his apparent homosexuality however is this case? I think not.

As well the male symbol that adorns Po's head is another symbol of her dominance over him. The upside down triangle another symbol that he is not gay however he might as well be because of the hellish nightmare that Po places him in. Riding her scooter all day long while he suffers.

Its all there Reverend Falwell and personally it make sick to know these are the values we are teaching are children. I long for the days when man ruled over women and could be proud to say they were men. I hope this letter stands to enlighten you about what is really going on her. After all we can no more stand for premarital sex then we can homosexuality.


Jeffery P Commaroto

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