Letters From My Fans(?)

I've been getting a lot of mail about this site. Unfortunately, it's mostly positive! I know how boring positive mail is, so I will try to give you some of the good ones I have received.

I always like it when people get in trouble because of my site. Usually it's kids who get grounded by their parents and then write to me as if it's my fault.

Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998
From: naes
Subject: teletubbies site

just wanted to say i thought your teletubbies site was quite excellent! but i did want to point out that Po, the red one, is a female not a male as you mistakenly claim in your Pimp-Daddy Po segment. Maybe you should make it Bizsnatch-Ho Po or something?? anyways, keep up the good work! i laughed really hard, so loud in fact i almost got busted looking at the site while i was at work!


Here's a good 'ol fan letter:

Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998
From: Julie
Subject: Awesome Page

Hey Tom,

Well to start things off....I think you have the greatest page!! I am so glad someone else thinks the "telebubbies" as satan in themselves. As for your throne in hell...sorry thats taken (by me of course). =) Assassin's was fun and quite entertaining. What I think is quite funny, is all the people bitching and complaining you don't have a life, yet they managed to get through your site and write a looong e-mail on how much of a bastard they think you are, so what does that tell ya?? But all those people who do think you are a bastard for simply adding a little entertainment to the net, should open their eyes and see the world.....Hell while they are at it, they should pull that stick outta their ass too!! Well good luck on bigger and better features on your kick ass page!!

Julie K.

Here is some mail from a girl who ended up writing about my site in her school newspaper!

Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998
From: WaBAMSlam
Subject: Bubbies

Jesus Christ!
I'm fifteen and a half. I live in Texas. I'm a girl.
Teletubbies is like, my favorite show.
Your site was absolutely hilarious.
I'm really obsessed. I'm a staffer for the school newspaper, and I even wrote an entertainment story this fall about my friends the Teletubbies. (I could send it to you if you want, I'm really pathetic.) I noticed a sharp decline in the Teletubbies web pages right after August, I guess BBC has gotten to quite a few of you. Good luck on your hilarious site, I've never giggled so much about a bong with 666 on it.


Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998
From: WaBAMSlam
Subject: Re: Bubbies

What I have so far:
(Keep in mind it has not been edited by my editor)

By: Jessi Cassidy
Parodies such as Telebubby Fun Land litter the Internet. The wholesome antics of America's best friends, the Teletubbies, are victimized in Tom Fulp's wrath of dark humor.

Tom Fulp is the creator of other twisted web pages like Beep Me Jesus, Bop a Seal, and Cat Dynamics, all of which can be found in newgrounds arena. He simply "decided to make a Laa Laa shooting gallery and it escalated into an entire web site."

Shockwave is necessary to view the web site, which found at http://www.newgrounds.com From there, a link that reads "Telebubby Fun Land" and has a hand drawn picture of a hand drawn 'tubby leads to the site. Each member of the quartet has changed his name to escape the wrath of BBC, the United Kingdom company that owns Teletubbies. For instance, the yellow figure commonly referred to as Laa Laa is now Lah Lah. The whole name of the site was altered to avoid intrusion.

"The BBC is known for going after Teletubby sites for copyright infringement, so I was careful not to use any copyrighted material," Fulp said. The parody has four routes to enter, each creature in his own scenario. Every game corrupts one Teletubby, like "the one with the purse" experimenting with drugs. A disclaimer has been issues at the beginning of the page to herd away children under the age of 18 without a parent.

"It feels good just to create something, but the viewer feedback is what makes it continue to be rewarding," said Fulp.

Have fun with your story, I'll let you know if it prints.

I just like this one because of the PBS reference...

From: The Winter Queen
Subject: your page

Wow! I can't say enough about your page. I have had this much fun on a website since poke alex in the eye!

Pure genius! Hats off to you my friend!

I know a few former channel 13 (local pbs station) employes who are enjoying the teletubbies site more than you will ever know.

Thank you!


This one is nice because it is from a smart mom:

Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998
From: Janet
Subject: Good for you

My name is Janet and I am from Washington. I received a link to your Telebubby Fun Site through a member of a moms group online. The mom whom sent it out was requested to after she told other moms in the loop how humorous she found it to be. I was not present at the chat the night that she told everyone about the site so when I got the link I sent it on to my sons screen name thinking it was a ligament link to a children's site, after all that's usually what the moms group is all about. Well, I as a concerned parent like to actually go out to the sites before I add anything to my sons favorite places. Imagine my surprise when I read the disclaimer saying that this was not a site for anyone under 18.

Needless to say my son was protected from seeing the site and I got a great laugh out of it. I also passed it along to friends whom also found it to be extremely funny. I went a little further and read about your letter from BBC and also the news article from The Scotsman and I wanted to e-mail you and say "Good for You."

I am getting sick of all these people whom do nothing but sit around and complain about things like this when what they really need to be doing is keeping a closer watch on their own children and what they are doing. I read your disclaimer...it was very hard to miss...and I was able to keep my son from seeing the site and if these people took the time to do the same then they would have nothing to complain about. I believe strongly that things like your web site do not suggest or put thoughts into the minds of our children making them believe that it is OK to go out and beat a celebrity or club a seal. It's what we as parents put into our families and how we spend our time teaching our children and what moral examples that we provide them that creates a healthy mind for our children's future.

If your child takes from a fantasy website and acts them out in reality then I would have to look very strongly at the parents of this child and the unhealthy environment for which they have been raised in. If a parent is too consumed in their own lives and not paying attention to their child to the point where there child's mind is unhealthy enough to act out some of what they see on the web then these parents should form an activist group to speak out about websites such as yours.

Oh my, I am sorry, almost forgot that this is exactly what my letter is all about now isn't it. Sorry this letter was so long but I just really get angry about people making statements such as the ones I read in the article you provided and I fully agree with your scope on the whole thing, I too think your more stable then any of these activists.

Thank you,

Here is one from another cool (and slightly disturbed) mom!

Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998
From: Linda
Subject: Death to Teletubbies!

I just wanted to thank you for providing a site that allows me to KILL Laa-Laa. I am the mother of a 2 year old who is hooked on the Tubbies, Laa-Laa In particular, so needless to say I hate them after having to watch them for hours a day every day! Thank you for letting me kill her! :) I can go to bed happy tonight! :) I was going to put a hit out on them but now I see I don't have to! :) Thank you again for making life more tolerable. I love the site! It's twisted, sick, and demented! It's great!

This one is just cute.

Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1998
From: RJJBERC@aol.com
Subject: THANK YOU

I always wanted to shoot that retarded yellow teletubbie!!!

And this is obviously fake, but I got a kick out of it.

Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998
From: Greg Cameron
Subject: telebubbies fun land

Hello, my name is Billy and I am 8 years old. I saw your Telebubby fun page and it was fun. I liked it when Lah Lah bleeded! When I grow up I want to kill Teletubbies for real. Maybe I'll practice on my baby sister she is 1 years old.

8 year old boy.

This one is kinda funny.

Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998
From: Bunkless
Subject: props on the teletubbies

you made me run around the room punchin myself in the face.....................................that shit is hilarious..thanks for the laugh

Here is my only critic!
Note that it is the only one in all CAPS (including the one from the 8 year old).

Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998
From: SuaveCitto
Subject: (no subject)



Oh wait, here's another critic. That makes 2.

Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998
From: nocternalknight
Subject: FU

your a little bastard tele tubbies own your ass!!!!

Your just a jelouis bitch !


The disturbing thing is that I thought this site was pretty damn offensive, but I don't get much hate mail at all! In fact, my sites have been generating a decreasing level of hate mail over the past months. This country has truly become demoralized, and thank god it has! The only problem is that none of my stuff is shocking anymore, so I'm gonna have to take it even further... Even I'm scared!

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