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While it seems like every new site is suddenly preaching the gospel of "user-generated content", Newgrounds has been showcasing artist submissions since the late 90s. It's no secret that people like you are the reason that Newgrounds is still the largest Flash portal on the Internet, receiving more than 500,000 unique visitors every day.

Our goal has always been to help artists and fans feature, discuss, and otherwise promote the best games, movies, music and art on the Internet. Whether it's submitting to the Flash or Audio Portals, entering official Art Forum contests, or reviewing entries on your Userpage or in the NG Forums – there's an unlimited number of ways to showcase yourself around here!

Flash Movies & Games

Flash content is the driving force behind Newgrounds; if you have some decent talent, try submitting your games and/or movies to the Flash Portal. Even if you run your own site, submitting movies to the Flash Portal is a great way to generate traffic. You'll see an immediate boost in visitors to your website! New to Flash? You can find everything you need in the Newgrounds Flash area.


Original Music

Original music is extremely important to Newgrounds. If you make music that could be utilized in games and movies, or you just want to be heard, submit it to the Audio Portal. Flash authors will be able to freely use your music under a Creative Commons license, and you will be immortalized with permanent credits. It's a great way to get exposure! Have questions? Check out the Audio Portal guidelines and related discussion forums for help.


Art and Illustration

The Newgrounds audience has always been inspired and thrilled by great artists and illustrators. If you're an artist or illustrator, then here's a place for you to showcase your work. If you want critiques on your work, you can always visit the art forum. Don't go cutting your ear off if you don't like the responses, though!

When you're ready, GO SUBMIT YOUR ART

Additional Promotion

Even if you have nothing to submit, you can still help to make Newgrounds the best site around! There are several ways to do this:

  • Random Flash Entry – Click the link, write a review!
  • Random Audio Entry – Click the link, write a review!
  • Pimp Your Userpage – It's all about you: write on any topic or simply list your favorite movies, games and music!
  • NG Fan-Net – The more you promote NG on your site, the more NG promotes you!
  • NG Interactive Banners – Fun NG banner ads for your site!
  • NG Forums – Start a discussion! There's guaranteed to be a topic that interests you, and the more opinions the better.