Alan Docherty ( sent me this article which was published in The Scotsman, a "very serious Newspaper fom Edinburgh, Scotland". The article was also available on Yahoo! news. My response to the article is at the bottom of the page. Thanks Alan!!!

Yahoo! NewsThe Scotsman headlines

Monday September 28, 12:32 PM

Internet murder game is condemned

Players use weapons which include bazookas and shotguns to blow away theirleast favourite personalities on the web.

The Spice Girls, the Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson, Microsoft'sbillionaire founder Bill Gates, and the teenage actor Macaulay Culkin canall be killed, tortured or beaten up. At the click of a button they areshown being shot dead.

A parents' group has called for the "Assassins" game to be banned because ofthe bloody images. It insists that children can easily access the site andplay the game.

Another game at the same web address allows players to batter baby seals todeath using clubs and other objects.

Pauline Thomson, the chairman of Scots People Against Child Abuse (SPACA),condemned the game programmer and insisted that children's innocence wasbeing taken away.

Mrs Thomson said: "This game abuses a child's innocence. The man who madethis game has a disgusting and perverted mind. A game like this will have agreat effect on a young child who can easily access it and it is anotherargument for regulation of the internet.

"I am appalled because impressionable people may think it is all right toemulate what they see on screen and perhaps one day try something like thisout for real."

In "Assassins" allows computers users to kill a number of famous celebritiesfrom the world of television, film and music. Choices in the main menuinclude "Splatter the Spice Girls", "Massacre Jenny McCarthy" and "Beat UpDrew Barrymore".

Before the game begins, players are given an objective which outlines whatthey have to do and why they must carry out the attack.

An array of heavy artillery is made available, including shotguns, flamethrowers, nuclear bombs and pistols.

At the click of a button the celebrities are shown being shot to death.

Below a picture of the massacred Spice Girls reads the words: "Nothing says`I love you' like a shotgun blast to the head."

Players can punch Pamela Anderson in the face and, after the beating, she isshown with large bruising around her eyes and head.

Anderson has been the victim of real-life domestic violence at the hands ofher estranged husband, Tommy Lee Jones, who was jailed for an attack on her.

The game was devised over two years by Tom Fulp, an American computerstudies student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, New Jersey. In hisbiography on the web site he says: "I was going to leave for college but myfriends had already left for college so I was left with a lot of free time.I decided to make a game where you kill celebrities."

Another game, on the site, "Club a Seal", allows players to kill and maimdozens of young baby seals. In the instructions for the game Mr Fulp tellsplayers the program is the game "animal rights activists love to hate." Headds: "Baby seals are the easiest targets. When danger arises the parentstend to flee to the water but the babies are slow. This is convenientbecause the fur from a baby seal is what you want."

Animal welfare experts joined parents' groups by calling for tougherregulation of the internet. The SSPCA urged parents to monitor usage of theweb to make sure children do not see the gruesome images of dead seals.

A spokesman said: "There is a definite danger that games like these canteach impressionable young children anti-social or harmful habits."

"The society disapproves of gratuitous uses of animal cruelty asentertainment, especially when the images encourgae the killing ofdefenceless seal pups."

An anti-gun campaigner, Ann Pearston, yesterday called on parents to take agreater role in policing the internet until a worldwide censorship strategyis developed.

Mrs Pearston, who founded the Dunblane Snowdrop Campaign in March 1996, saidshe was horrified at some of the graphic images in the game.

She said: "I really question the benefits of the internet with children.Parents are not going to be able to stop the manufacturers of these games,so people in the industry must club together with the Government to try andregulate the web."

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Tom's response:

I do agree with one thing - people in the industry must club together. Ok, enough jokes. I will start by addressing the obvious blunders:

  • There are no bazookas on my site... But now I'll have to add some.
  • Pamela Anderson is not on my site... But now I'll have to add her.
  • A "Beat Up Drew Barrymore" scenerio is not on my site... But now I'll have to add one.
  • You can't club seals with various objects in Club a Seal... But now I'll have to add various objects.
  • Philadelphia is a major US city, and it is in Pennsylvania, not New Jersey.
  • Pamela Anderson was beaten up by rock star Tommy Lee, not movie star Tommy Lee Jones...

It is amazing how stupid these people are. If they think I am sick for coming up with ideas like "Splatter the Spice Girls", then perhaps they should be questioning themselves for creating "Beat Up Drew Barrymore"! And I think there is a distinguishable difference between Jason from the Power Rangers and Pamela Anderson... Isn't there?!?!

The activists manage to point out all of the negative things I say (in jest), but they fail to point out any of the disclaimers or messages that say it is wrong to do these things in real life.

I have come to a conclusion about life, and I no longer doubt it... I am more mentally stable than any of these activists or religious zealots. That may sound somewhat obnoxious, but at least I am enjoying my life and thinking of more important things than what other people are doing on the web. If I could watch real footage of seals being clubbed to death on National Geographic, then my kids can watch fake footage of seals being clubbed to death on the internet.

I mean, what is wrong with me? I treat people right! I don't pick on people (ignore the whole celebrities thing) or start fights... I don't roam the streets in a drunken stupor... I am a friend to all animals, and all animals are friends to me. I am the one last decent person on this planet, and that scares these people.

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