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Author Comments

This is a FAN-MADE MUSIC VIDEO, I did not earn any money for this project. I just like Gorillaz that much. Please don't sue me, Murdoc.

Original Storyboard by Jamie Hewlett.


BEERBIRD for watching the livestream
FELICIA for being supportive
TONY for getting me started in Flash and on Newgrounds
DAMIEEN for animating dancing girls
GABRIELE CAMICIOLI for helping animate naked Murdoc
MASON for being supportive
ASSL10N for 3D models
AUSTIN TRENCH for being supportive
RICHARD VAN AS for being supportive and for also working on a Gorillaz Music Video (Rhinestone Eyes)
JAMIE HEWLETT for your art style
DAMON ALBARN for your music
Gorillaz (especially Murdoc Niccals)
Google for Images
Blender for 3D animation
Flash 8 for 2D animation

AND ALL THE FANS especially Dilly Mackey
AND SOURCES OF INSPIRATION especially Richard Van As and Shangelina/Faderillaz
AND that dude who made SWIVEL. I LOVE IT!