TDR: The Quest for Xirang


Beta Testers

Author Comments

On a mission to save Planet Earth, you must travel to the Underworld, where you will fight monsters, level up, and get better equipment as your true identity slowly reveals itself.

Fun fact: If you gain and lose HP in rapid succession, you can produce a nifty colour-mixing effect.

-If you have any problems with the directions, the general order of the buttons is as follows: If you want to PROCEED, press the first direction button after every fight. If you want to RETREAT, press the last button. That's it! ^^
-If you can't deal with the ghosts, there might be someone you forgot to visit.
-In the City of Wrongful Deaths, never forget that fleeing is easy! You can flee from hard battles to reach shops.
-Grinding in the City of Wrongful Deaths is not hard. You just need to be familiar with the geography of the city and the strengths and weaknesses of the ghosts. (Alternatively, you can just move on to the next street each time you level up/)
-Cultivate qi is a very very important part of the game! Don't forget it! Attacking blindly is a one-way ticket to the Game Over screen.

NOT available in beta:
-Fancy schmancy scrollbars