Newgrounds: Power of Three

The Po3 festival unites artists, programmers and musicians in teams of three to make games with themes of three. Ads on this page benefit the Child's Play Charity to bring toys and games to terminally ill children in North America.

Games will be released and featured on this page as they are finished. THANK YOU to everyone who is participating!

These ads benefit Child's Play Charity.


Cave of Wonders

Art by Luis
Code by BoMToons
Music by Rucklo


Time Fkuc

Art by Edmund McMillen
Code by William Good
Music by Justin Karpel


Armed Prophet

Art by Valerofond
Code by SeethingSwarm
Music by HappyHarry


Paradox Embrace

Art by Zeebarf
Code by EntropicOrder
Music by RiftMaster



Art by FrozenFire
Code by JackSmack
Music by SoS



Art by Toonimated
Code by Toonimated
Music by Toonimated