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Jan 5, 2001 | 2:57 PM EST

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Pete, Tom Fulp's roomate, leaves a message for Tom Fulp on New Years Eve. Obviously, he had a little bit to drink prior to calling.



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I cant understand a word hes saying :(

Im sure its really funny, but i cant understand a word that comes out of his mouth.. yes i passed all of my hearing tests with flying colors but i cant understand a thing.. yeah thats pretty cool how you can respond to reviewers.. are you guys gonna do that for each and every review?

WadeFulp responds:

I can kinda understand some of what he's saying, but that's the point. He's drunk! He's not supposed to make sense. :) Authors can respond to reviews. I'm not sure what you mean in your question. If you mean, are us guys "as in NG crew" going to respond for each review, the answer is no. We can only respond on reviews that are for movies we submit. Authors can respond to as many reviews as they want for their movies.


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i dont get what the point of this was but check it out if you want

WadeFulp responds:

Maybe you should try reading the description. Tom Fulp is the creator of Newgrounds, if you didn't know. His roomate Pete, who is a regular on the NG Webcam, and NG Chat, got drunk and left a funny message on Tom's answering machine. It's kind of an inside joke. I guess if you don't know who Pete is, it wouldn't be funny. Normally I wouldn't be so responsive, but I'm testing out this new feature where authors can respond to reviews. Cool eh?