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May 7, 2003 | 4:39 PM EDT
  • Turd of the Week May 14, 2003

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I like to underscore again that Otomite came up with the idea and the art work.

I did the voice acting :). THIS IS NOT OFFENSIVE! It does not make fun of it whats so ever. I shows the atrocities of the nazi party.

Update- I don't understand why so many people are finding this offensive. It is merely a documentary of the atrocities that happened against the Jews committed by the Nazi party. We are not in any way making fun of the Holocaust. We are merely showing you what really happened. Otomite and I love Jews just as we love Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and people off all religions. We are people of love and we hope you join us in improving the world. Thank you, and have a nice day.

You got what you asked for...

TURD OF THE WEEK DAY 1 - Thank you for voting us worst movie of the week as some of you may know we have strived to make it and guess what WE ARE NOW PART OF NEWGROUNDS HISTORY!!! The first turd of the week with more than one author!!!! To respond generally to some of the reviews.... "1. Americans did genocide twice. the 2 nukes over Japan and the genocide of the native american indians. 2. Why is it called "HOT YUMMY GERMAN PUSSY !! to gain attraction of course you newgrounders are a bunch of pervets who see pussy and go to it. 3. When in our comments did we say this was supposed to be humourous? No where so when you say its not funny that is your own sick perverted mind saying it is supposed to be. 4. You tell us to die yet you cry when i show what the fucking nazis did. Hypocrytes. 5. You got see Turd of the Week and you wonder why its bad? 6. BLAM! means deletion of a movie by a number of votes it got over 700 votes already folks it wont be blammed, once a movie gets over 100 votes (and is not gray anymore in the portal. Is no longer "under judgment", then it stays forever in the portal.) write a better reviews.

Thank You God Bless You and God Bless

Motha fewel. Get a crack a lackin'. Fo' shizzle ma nizzle dizzle

Its not Racist Jews are not a race its a religon. It isnt making fun of the jews.

Turd Of The Week Day 2: For those calling us nazis we would like to underscore again that we are not. We are atheist which would have also died in the Holocaust. We are not making fun of jews and this movie was intended to show how fucked up facism, nazism, and bigotry is. You fucking Newgrounders laugh at 9-11 love nuking osama bin laden blantantly make fun of muslims yes most of you do in most of your reviews dont lie you fucking bigot scum bags. And We put a movie up showing how fucked up nazis are AND WE ARE THE BAD GUYS. You people are pathetic.

TURD OF THE WEEK DAY 3: We are so honored at our award!!! This is quickly becoming one of the most popular movies ever!!!! Now We would like to answer some of the reviews which seem to be the same shit so we answer them generally. Ok Once again Id like to point out we are not racists, nazis, or bigots. My (Spambegone) Grandfather faught in World War II aganst the axis powers. I am more of a Communist than a Nazi and you know Communists and Nazis hate each other but I am not a Communist. According to my Voter Registration Card I put No Political Affiliation. Facism is wron And I have said that many times. Otomite does not have a voter registration card So i do not know what his political affilitation is. One reviewer said all my movies are racist which is a complete lie because most of my other movies THAT I SPAMBEGONE made promotes peace and antiwar. An Anti war movie I made I get "GET OUT OF AMERICA IF YOU DONT LIKE IT YOU TERRORIST ARAB IRAQI" Which you know how fucked up you newgrounders are. With the exception of the nazi gaurd saying "You are So jewish" in this movie this movie does not say anything about jews. About half the people that died in the holocaust were not Jewish. Even some of the jews that converted or were not practicing the religon were killed or locked away in concetration camps. If Otomite made this movie again and instead of Saying "The Holocaust" and Put "Internment Camps" ANd Say "You are So Japanese" It would show americans in the same spotlight. This is looks graphically inadequate for a reason To gain attention for more viewers to see. The title is HOT YUMMT GERMAN PUSSY to draw your attention and piss you off i am not denying that. If I called it Nazis Suck Or The Holocaust Sucked. IT would not get nearly as much views because you people on newgrounds are a bunch of perverts. People when you review tell us why this movie is racist dont just say it is give us your reason i dont remember cracking a joke about races or religons. All i remember is showing how fucked up Nazis Are. Oh and the Baby thing In WWI and WWII the propaganda in the United States were of Germans killing babies with baienetts and burnt alive which most likly happend. We also like to underscore again That "BLAM" means the deletion of a movie before 100 votes. It is now well over 1,000 votes. This movie is here to stay folks.

We Bid you good day.

TURD OF THE WEEK DAY 4: Well we are half way with our reign of Newgrounds history of the first Turd of the Week EVER to have more than one Author. Because as we all know it takes two people to make shit this bad! Well seems some people do read these comments congratulations. I have another Topic to talk about now. You people should be glad this was turd of the week. If this wasnt a movie that hacked the Newgrounds System that had a potential virus would have become turd of the week if i hadnt contacted wade about it. So guys enjoy this movie. FOr all you people who wanted to know the background music is called the Entertainer. I might get otomite to change but well no im not. I hope this makes the bastard section because I admit that I and otomite are bastards So vote Low and Flame me and blam us. Because WE ALREADY MADE NEWGROUNDS HISTORY and that was precisley what we were going for :) I advise you guys to check out my (SPAMBEGONE) other movies such as Clocks VS Sticks The War, Nuclear Warfare North Korea, The Rampage Killer, The CLock Assassin, Blow Up Miami, and Clocks Execute Stick POW those are My Fine movies. For Otomite Check out Bad Karma, The School System The Jumping Loser, Otomite Happy Hour, Otomite Happy Hour 2! and It came from Uranus. These are our better movies that you guys will certainly enjoy. Thank You in advance for watching those movies :)

Turd of the Week Day 5: IF YOU THINK THIS IS OFFENSIVE WATCH CBS TONIGHT "HITLER THE RISE OF POWER". But what really gets me offended is what the commericals say It litterally says "'Hitler' get 4 stars - Chicago Tribune" "'Hitler' is great" New York Times. I HOPE THAT ALL OF US BOYCOTT CBS FOR SAYING THESE COMMENTS! I know its about the movie but CBS come on you fucking nazis. I hope 'Hitler' gets very low ratings. I also heard it glorifies Hitler which is terrible. I hope nobody watches this peice of shit. Meanwhile. You people think your so fucking smart with your reviews "THIS IS SHIT YOUR GAY" or "BLAM IT YOUR GAY" I got one thing to say. People who call everybody gay are probably gay themselves.

Turd of the Week day 6::: I have a secret to tell you guys shhhh dont tell anybody, I, Spambegone, am an asshole. But I am also the messiah!!!!!!

TURD OF THE WEEK DAY 7:::: THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF OUR GROUND BREAKING FILM. I HOPE YOU All enjoyed it. Id like to say again that no matter how you slice it America commited genocide on the native americans or indians. They are almost an extinguished race due to the eurpean americans intrusion. WEll enjoy the last day of our gracious long lasting award :). I got a high populartiy now!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I will give you two and a half for some comedy, but the animation was on the crappy noob side.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

HAHAHAHA OMG HILARIOUS... how long can you live... without skin? *SWIPE* had me cracking up


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

give a 1

because i can't really hate when i got this from looking up for some "fucked up shit" at newgrounds


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Do you know why Hitler killed himself??

Because the gAS bILL WAS TO HIGH


Rated 5 / 5 stars


You know some of the SS were pissed about having to kill some of the hot Jewish girls. I would be saving all the hot Jew girls I could. Yums.